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After School (Grades 4-8)
See also - After School (grades k-3)

After School in the Middle School is called "Encore!"

Welcome to Encore!! The Encore! After School serves grades 4-8 for Dalton’s Middle School students. As an extension of The Serendipity After School Program at First Program, our mission is to create a sense of continuity and natural progression between programs while incorporating a sensitivity to the unique academic and social-emotional issues faced by Middle School students.  Encore!'s Homework Club provides daily support to students as they encounter increasing workloads. Increasingly, Encore! offers academic- based offerings which expand on the concepts being learned during the school day while continuing to offer a variety of courses which provide enrichment beyond the existing curriculum.  

In addition to eclectic on-site choices, Encore! offers multiple enticing off-site alternatives.  Encore! encourages students to embrace their current interests as well as open themselves up to new and exciting experiences. With subjects ranging from Dance, Visual and Performing Arts, Sciences, Sports, Computer, and Homework Help etc, our program strives to be responsive to student's evolving needs and to provide relevant and meaningful after school experiences to all who participate.

Families are encouraged to browse our Staff Page to meet our diverse and talented staff who are professionals in their fields. Our Staff is composed of Dalton Employees, Dalton Parents and Outside Consultants.

Serendipity and Encore! On Parade:
Our end of the year evening extravaganza represents a window into year-long efforts and accomplishments via video and fine art displays and on-stage theatre performances and demonstrations. The After School Parade is a creative culmination of the After School year on both campuses and a chance for joyful community celebration!
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