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Solange '22

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Academic Interests: I am interested in the sciences and I also enjoy writing.
Activities: I play the piano and I play for a travel soccer team.
Favorite class at Dalton: I like history and chemistry.
How I spend weekends: I spend most of my weekends traveling to and from soccer practice, and surrounding myself in music, whether that's my own practicing of piano or just listening to music over headphones.
Best Dalton tradition: I think Arch Day, the final day of school where each grade walks through an arch into the next year, is my favorite Dalton tradition.
The most memorable thing I’ve learned at Dalton: The most memorable thing I've learned at Dalton is the importance of asking questions and asking for assistance. Dalton does a great job with reiterating the importance of asking questions.
Spirit Animal: I think maybe a wolf.

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