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Sebastian '22

Entered Dalton in 9th Grade
(Collegiate School)
Academic Interests: English, Creative Writing, Math, and certain eras of History.
Activities: Stand-up, Acting, Model Congress, Pickle-Making, Skateboarding, and Screenwriting.
Favorite thing about Dalton: How the sheer size allows for lots of diversity which paves the way for diverse opinions, people from different backgrounds, and an environment in which everyone brings something different to the conversation.
Place at Dalton you’ll most likely find me: Either frantically running in the hallways, the theatre, or the small bench in the corner of the 5th floor.
Describe Dalton in one word: Unique
How I spend weekends: Doing standup gigs, skateboarding, or finding new places to eat in Brooklyn.
Best Dalton tradition: The cultish candle-lighting ceremony.
Best Dalton memory (so far!): All my friends congratulating me after seeing the opening night of a play I was in.
Fun fact: I've opened for several comedians at the Gotham Comedy Club.
Something you can’t tell just by looking at me: I'm red-green colorblind.
Spirit Animal: A Sea-bass (is that allowed?)
Personal Soundtrack: "Not Going Back" by Childish Gambino.
The most memorable thing I’ve learned at Dalton: That it's not only important to learn something, but to know why you're learning it.
212.423.5200 | info@dalton.org
(K-3) 53 East 91st Street, New York, NY 10128
(4-12) 108 East 89th Street, New York, NY 10128