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Adedayo '21

Entered Dalton in 9th Grade
(Institute for Collaborative Education)
Academic Interests: I love English, Science (particularly biology and astronomy), and History (an interest I discovered in large part while I was at Dalton!).
Activities: Juilliard Music Advancement Program, Young People's Chorus of NYC, AMNH science Classes, Librarian Assistant--George Bruce Library, Bronx Loaf and I, Too Arts Collective writing workshops
Favorite thing about Dalton: In all of my classroom experiences at Dalton, there has been ample opportunity for discussion based learning, and what surprised me was not only the consistent effort teachers put in to make time for students to learn from each other, or the use of this technique in the "less traditional" science and math settings, but also how helpful it was for my understanding of the material. My favorite class at Dalton is history, in large part because we have in-depth class conversations every time we meet, and I loved 10th grade geometry, proving theorems and defending your solutions in front of the class, or the teaching moments that came up every discussion. I remember when I came in ninth grade having my first Dalton science experience taking biology and discussing natural selection, debating the merits of studies an experiments with my peers, has served me well for the rest of my Dalton career (we are actually studying Darwin in 11th grade history!).
How I spend weekends: Juilliard, cleaning, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine :)
Books on my nightstand: My nightstand is one thing, but my bookshelves are dangerously filled with books. If you name a book, I may not have read it yet, but its definitely possible I own it!
Independent study I’ve taken at Dalton: Black Women Musicians and their Social Justice Activism
Fun fact: I interviewed former First Lady Michelle Obama
212.423.5200 | info@dalton.org
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