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  • August through Fall...

    • Go to Ravenna, create your online Account username and password, and submit your application. Applications open at noon on August 16.  All applications must be submitted before Noon November 19.  We cannot accept applications after this time/date.
    • After we process your application, we will contact you to schedule your virtual tour and virtual parent interview.  These appointments are scheduled from October through January.  Please note all correspondence should be electronic via Ravenna or email.
    • The ISAAGNY Confidential School Form, Release of Records form and cover letter should be given to your child's school director or teacher and returned by them to Dalton no later than January 7, 2022.   This form is confidential once it has been filled out by your child's school.  These forms can be downloaded from our website. For Dalton Community members applying for Early Notification, this school form must be received by Dalton by December 1, 2021.
    • Financial Aid: Applicants must apply for financial aid during the application process. Financial aid awards are based upon clearly demonstrated need. Information about applying for financial aid is available on Ravenna and will be emailed to families who indicate on the application form that they would like to apply for aid. Please see "Tuition and Financial Aid" for deadlines and more information.
  • August:

    • Applications are available to submit online after Noon on August 16
    • Applications will be available until NOON on November 19. We strongly suggest that you submit your application as soon as you can for scheduling your appointments.
  • September:

    • Registration for Open Houses which are held in October.  Date of registration will be after September 9. 
    • We continue to accept applications.  You must create a login and password for Ravenna to apply. 
    • Beginning September 9, schedule the T&E.  See the T&E tab for information on how to schedule.  The T&E link will be available September 9 on your Ravenna profile.
  • October:

    • The Open Houses are for families new to Dalton who would like to learn more about the school before applying. Registration will begin in September. Date TBD 
    • We continue to accept applications.
    • Schedule the T&E.  See T&E tab for more information.  
  • November:

    • APPLICATION DEADLINE IS NOVEMBER 19 BEFORE NOON.  Applications will not be accepted after this time/date. If you apply on the last day, your application MUST be submitted prior to noon. At 12:00 PM, the system closes down and we will not be able to accept anymore submitted applications.
    • If applying for financial aid, submit the Parents Financial Statement to SSS and required tax documents. 
  • December:

    • Letters of Recommendation are completely optional and can be submitted through Ravenna.  You will be able to access the Letter of Recommendation email link once you apply.  If you choose to have someone submit a letter of reference, it must be received by December 1, 2021, electronically to be included in your child's file.
    • For Dalton Community families:
      • Early Notification form is due by November 30Make sure to check on the Ravenna checklist that we have received your form. 
      • If taking Early Notification, ISAAGNY confidential school report due by December 1.
      • Early Notification decisions will be posted on Ravenna no earlier than December 9 and no later than
      • December 16.  
      • If you opted for Early Notification, you may log in to your Ravenna account on December 9 after 10:00am for your child's admission decision. If you have forgotten your Ravenna login or password, please email Ravenna at 
      • Notification for Dalton Community families not taking Early Notification: decisions will be available at the same time as non-community applicants, February 3.
  • January:

    • All admissions files must be completed by January 7, 2022in order to receive an admissions decision.  The Admissions Office reviews the status of all applications towards the end of the admissions season. If a file is incomplete, the office will contact the parents of applicants indicating the information needed to complete the admissions process. Parents should also check the status of their application file by going to the Ravenna checklist. If you have any questions regarding missing material, please call the Admissions Office.
  • February:

    • According to the ISAAGNY timetable, decision notifications are posted on Ravenna on February 3.  Families must make their enrollment decision by February 10.  Please contact Ravenna if you have forgotten your login and password.


Contact First Program Admissions:
Phone: 212-423-5463
Fax: 212-423-5467
Address: 53 East 91st Street
New York, NY 10128

Application Status

The Admissions Office reviews the status of all applications towards the end of the admissions season. Parents may check the status of their application by accessing their checklist in Ravenna.  If a file is incomplete, the office may contact the parents of applicants indicating the information needed to complete the admissions process. Parents may also check our website and Ravenna for upcoming deadlines.  Please submit all information electronically.
212.423.5200 |
(K-3) 53 East 91st Street, New York, NY 10128
(4-12) 108 East 89th Street, New York, NY 10128