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Short Takes@Lunch with Dr. Ben TenOever

On Monday at lunch, I had the honor of speaking with Dr. Ben TenOever, a Professor at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital and a Dalton parent.
I first met Ben several years ago when he invited students from The Dalton Science Research Program to participate in a virus discovery program, and he has been an active in supporting our students in research ever since. Our Short Takes @t Lunch conversation covered three areas : viruses in research, the scientific terminology used in mainstream media, and an update from the April 3 High School Assembly on his work focused on a treatment for Covid-19 patients.
Dr. TenOever discussed vaccine development, the use of convalescent plasma for patients, and how the trials of navigating this pandemic will help us better understand zoonotic viruses and prepare for the future. I greatly appreciate Dr. TenOever's ability to explain complicated concepts in virology, immunology and science. His dedication to his research and his colleagues is tangible, and his optimism around the work that is being done to overcome SARS-Covid-19 is a welcome perspective for our community.
Story submitted by Dalton Director of STEM Lisa Brizzolara.
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