Dalton Students Zoom through Virtual Field Day 2020

There was no need to board buses or pack sunscreen for Field Day 2020! This year, instead of games and relays on Randall's Island, students "zoomed" through virtual field day activities from home with their PE teachers leading the way.
Hula hoops and jump ropes were replaced with laundry baskets and rolled up socks. Students showed off their school spirit dressed in Dalton gear or their favorite blue and white shirt.  
Dalton's first-ever "Field Day Week" in the First Program blasted off on Monday, May 18! Each house scheduled its individual Field Day time with PE teachers. Events like La Raspa (the Mexican Hat Dance), scavenger hunts, and crazy hoops were all part of the fun. 

Middle school students in grades 4 through 6 celebrated Field Day 2020 during their scheduled PE time on Wednesday, May 20. Fourth grade students completed a fitness challenge, a wacky spoon relay, and several sports activities, such as the baseball toss and soccer shoot out. Fifth and sixth grade students took part in a scavenger hunt, looking for various household items, in addition to the spoon relay and the fitness challenge.  

Although teachers and students enjoyed this creative approach to Field Day, they look forward to being able to return to Randall's Island for the festivities next year.  

Story submitted Assistant Director of Physical Education Amber Atlas.
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