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Dalton Chess Team Breaks National Records as Seniors Bid Fond Farewell at National Chess Tournament

The Dalton Chess Team broke national and Dalton records as the leading and largest school team in history at the recent National Scholastic Chess Tournament in Orlando (Grades K-12). Special congrats to individual National Champions Gus Huston '24, Nate Shuman '24, Sumit Dhar '23, and Marcus Miyasaka '21 and to the Grade 7, Kindergarten, K-12 Blitz Championship teams. As a fellow coach from California said, "It's very hard to be in the top ten, but to have nine in the top three is staggering."
Seniors Reddy Lee '19, Danny Challenger '19, and Tristan Sollecito '19, who have represented Dalton at chess competitions around the country for the last 11 years, inspired younger players in Orlando with a testimonial to fellow teammates, coaches, and parents. Reddy, Danny, and Tristan were the first Seniors in Dalton history to compete as a team in this national tournament. Their commitment to chess, their team, and Dalton reflects the School's excellence and its mission. Congratulations to all of the Dalton Tigers, who once again dominated at the national level.

Individual Results

  • National Champion: Gus Huston '24
  • National Co-Champion: Nate Shuman '24
  • National Champion: Sumit Dhar '23
  • National Champion: Marcus Miyasaka '21
Team Results
  • National Champions: Grade 7, Kindergarten, K-12 Blitz Team
  • 2nd Place: Grade 8, Grade 6, Grade 4, and Grade 2
  • 3rd Place: Grade 12 and Grade 5
  • 5th Place: Grade 10 and Grade 1
  • 7th Place: Grade 3
Story provided by David MacEnulty. Additional photos and video provided by Gina Sohn. Additional text and photos by Alexandra Shuman. 

Additional Photos

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