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Dancers Step Up to Perform a Virtual DTW Unlike Any Other

Dalton's dancers used their creativity and ingenuity to transform their annual Dance Theater Workshop (DTW) performance into something entirely new and exciting. Over the next few weeks, we'll release videos of their collaborative and creative dance works made while social distancing.
Without collaborative practice time or Dalton's dance studio facilities, DTW dancers found unique spaces — bedrooms, living rooms, parks, hallways — to record self-performances. They adapted a newly-imagined video format inspired by social distancing and other factors of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We've included two videos this week; a look into DTW's pre-Digital Dalton process, while they were able to work in the new dance studio space, and "Apart Together," featuring Senior Gaby Fouret's '20 original composition to accompany the dancers. Also, enjoy the students' reflections on the DTW process during Digital Dalton.

"The transition from working in the studio to working at home has been undeniably difficult. Being used to having so much space and suddenly facing this new constraint is definitely a challenge. However, as a dancer, it has been important to look at this as an opportunity to explore what it's like to do something completely new, almost like a score, and exploring new possibilities in video editing. One of the things that I've missed the most is being surrounded by fellow choreographers and dancers, especially leading up to DTW. Being able to work off of one another's movement in classes and rehearsals is something incredible that I miss immensely; but I also miss eating snacks and talking with cast members at the beginnings of rehearsals and goofing off with fellow choreographers. This project was a way to bring the cast together in a time where we're forced to be apart."

- Nicole Allina '20

"I've found that while dancing alone can have a certain sadness in its solitude, its tendency towards introspection has allowed‭ ‬for some really authentic and body-focused movement‭.‬"

- Theo Anderson '20

"It's definitely been hard trying to move something so physical and interactive to an isolated space. I miss dancing next to people I am close with, feeding off of their energy, and creating with them in the same room, but I think this acted as a test to us as dancers, choreographers, and friends. We made the most of what we had, and the digital platform allowed for us to explore movement and dance and performance in a way at least I had never considered before."

- Maddie Morse '20

"For me, I think the hardest transition is not being with everyone else. Not only can I be inspired by others' movement, I also find it much easier to motivate myself when I am with friends. Whether it is in class or rehearsal, I am able to feed off of other's energy which is much harder to do over Zoom; but this project allowed me to do that as much as possible because so many people were motivated to still create something together which in turn motivated me."

-- Tomomi Noguchi '20

Being trapped in a small space has physically confined me but creatively it has forced me to look outside of the box. Instead of space becoming a barrier, I've learned to adapt and use smaller spaces to motivate my movement."

- Brielee Lu '21
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