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Faculty Member Yom Fox Rides to Stay Balanced, Move Forward

It’s not about the race. It’s about the journey.
Yom Fox, Director of Community and Global Partnerships and current Dalton parent, was recently featured in a Peloton campaign celebrating stories from its member community.
In the video, Yom shares her inspiring leadership qualities as she balances her commitment as a mother and educator while navigating the challenges of the pandemic from her New York City apartment. Even with her many competing priorities, Yom explains the importance of finding time for one’s own health and wellness in order to better show up for others.
“As a school community, we have been talking a lot about what health and wellness means, and I realized that if I am asking my children, my students, and colleagues to prioritize investing time away from doing work, then I had to do it also,” said Yom. “So I wake up early to (hopefully) get some uninterrupted time on the bike, and that time allows me to focus on myself--which in turn allows me to be a better mother, teacher, and colleague. There are times when I will hop on the bike and try and ride my way into developing a lesson plan or thinking about how to convince my children to try asparagus!”
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