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HS Student Conference Focuses on Migration, Memory, and Modernity in the 20th and 21st Centuries

Each 11th grader researched a topic of interest to them in their respective history classes to produce a research paper and a digital showcase to share their research with community members.
The showcases highlighted the outcomes of an intellectually engaging and challenging, intensive research process in which students had considerable agency in identifying topics aligned with their passions.

History teachers Dr. Davidson, Ms. Kalbag, Dr. Kohn, Mr. Okpalugo, Mr. Slick, and Ms. Stolper-Muenz, coached and assisted the history students throughout this project which began in Trimester 1.
The project grew from ideas articulated by Helen Parkhurst in her book Education on the Dalton Plan, the Dalton History Department's commitment to specific student learning competencies, and Dalton's work around providing students with meaningful opportunities to engage with aspects of their identities in a scholarly manner.

This marks the fifth year that the History Department has assigned research papers on the topic, and the second year, student work has been published to digital showcases in collaboration with The New Lab for everyone to enjoy.

Enjoy the Showcases Here

Story submitted by High School History Teacher Parul Kalbag
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