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Spanish 1 Class Takes Cultural Cuisines Unit to the Kitchen

World and Classical Languages Teacher Verónica Valentín’s Spanish 1 Class recently enhanced their studies on Latin-American and Spanish cuisines by making homemade breakfast tortillas in the 89th Street Kitchen.
The current unit highlights Latin American breakfast and lunch foods (desayuno o almuerzo). As one of the cultural components of the unit, students learned about the Columbian Exchange, which encompassed the transfer of crops among the Americas, Europe, Africa, and Asia.
The class focused on one of the staple ingredients in many Central and Latin-American cuisines el maíz (corn). Verónica organized an experiential cooking class where students read and followed a recipe in Spanish to make the tortillas. 

In the process, students learned and applied Spanish commands and other vocabulary words related to cooking. Chef Jaz helped prepared wonderful frijoles negros and huevos revueltos to stuff the tortillas. 

The students were grateful for the opportunity to learn Spanish and gain a glimpse into the vast world of Latin and Central-American cuisine in Chef Jaz's kitchen on the 14th floor!
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