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The Dalton Chess Team Keeps Rolling Along

Despite the pandemic challenges, the Dalton Chess Team remains undeterred in their pursuit for success. Recently, team members tried out new ways to compete in the game.
The 2022 National Scholastic Online Quick Championships (January 29-30) featured seven shorter games using the platform. Lichess is a free and open-source internet chess server run by a non-profit organization of the same name.

This event was well-received by the players and went off without a hitch. In total, 28 Dalton Tigers competed at the event.

The Championship presented a fantastic opportunity for Dalton students to play chess with students across the United States. Spanning two days, the experience was very similar to other national in-person competitions. 

From the outset, the team was excited to participate and exhibited strong community spirit,  shared learnings, victories, and lessons. 

Once again, Coach Beatriz and her supporting coaches provided an exceptional environment for reviewing games and sharing tournament tactics throughout the two days. “We couldn't have spent the snowy weekend in a better way!” Beatriz said. Adding, “We are proud of every Dalton student who participated, and we want to extend a special acknowledgment to the seven Kindergarten students and Leo Sarfati '33 who played with students from other schools for the first time.”    

K-3 Primary Section - Second place team: Alexander Shillingford '34, Caleb Rosenberg '34, Clayton Wong-Wu '34, Colin Patrick Eckerle '34, Lenox (Leni) Wong-Wu  '34, Skye Drivin '34, Wren Chisholm '34, Aadi Doshi '33, Arthur Tu '33, Elliot Lee '33, Kai Taylor '33, Kenzo Phillips '33, Gabriel Lavipour '33, Leo Sarfati '33. Roman Rubinstein Mash '32, Saarim Khan '31, Eden Klein '31
K-6 Elementary Section - Third place team: Anthony Mavroudis '30, Hannah Chan '30, Abbott Day '30, Sebastian Hemlock '30, Michael Warren '30, Vihan Kumar '30, Henry Nieuwerburgh '29, Jameson Wong '29, Bryce Lee '28, Tristan Brien '28

K-8 Middle School - Championship: Paul Nieuwerburgh '26
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(Gr. 4 Dalton East & PE Center) 200 East 87th Street
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(Grade 5-12) 108 East 89th Street
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