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Model Congress Team Delivers Outstanding Performance in Boston

After nearly two years of digital competition, Dalton’s Model Congress team returned to in-person activities from February 24-27 at the Harvard Model Congress in Boston.
The conference, which hosts thousands of students from dozens of schools, involves government simulations that put delegates’ speech and leadership skills to the test. Programs this year included the Supreme Court, Presidential Cabinet, and committees of the House and Senate, among others.

After a long bus ride, the Dalton team carried pages of notes and research with them into the “Halls of Congress,” prepared to debate issues as varied as cybersecurity, antitrust policy, and voting rights. With the assistance of faculty chaperones, heads Rebecca Wasserman ’22,  Matthew Muro ’22, and Anya Milberg ’22 kept the team organized and focused.
Dalton delegates received outstanding recognition for their performance. Of the 32 students who attended, 20 received an individual accolade, including 15 who came home with a “Best Delegate” award for their committee. The team attributes their success to their diligent preparation for the conference.
The team plans on hosting or attending several in-person conferences throughout the remainder of the year for peer schools in New York City.

Congratulations to the 32 Dalton delegates who attended: 

SENIORS ’22: Declan Finn, Misha Gelman, Audrey Liu, Anya Milberg (head), Matthew Muro (head), Rebecca Wasserman (head), Sylvie Watts

JUNIORS ’23: Nathaniel Fox, Ahlay Hussain, Eli Kronenberg, Simrin Mehra

Zach Berg, William Foley, Q Gallant, Jasper Karlson, Pippa Lee, Benjamin Nallengara, Hattie Saal, Hillary Silver, Vivian Simon

Gavin Aurelus, Anysa Bickici, CeCe Chaikin, Aminata Diallo, Justin Khan, Alex Kim, Hayden Rosenthal, Ava Rubinstein, Adrianna Tan, Ameneh Vaskio, Margaux Wilpon, Rose Yardeni
Story submitted by student George Porteous ’23

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