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Dalton Chess Team Makes History at U.S. East Amateur Championship

The Dalton Chess team “Bacon, Egg, and Cheese En Passant” featuring Sumit Dhar '23, Gus Huston '24, Ryan Peterson '24, and Nate Shuman '24 made history by becoming the first scholastic team to win the U.S. East Amateur Championship!
Competing at the President’s Day Weekend event in Parsippany, N.J., the HS chess students topped a challenging field to take home top honors. In total, the tournament included more than 1,300 players across 328 teams ranging from grandmasters and parents to kids, coaches, and military and collegiate teams.
The teams composed of four players are encouraged to think of creative chess-themed names. “Bacon, Egg, and Cheese En Passant” led the way for Dalton, with Nate earning the title National Master in the process. 

Additional Dalton student teams at the tournament:
“QQQQ” Maxwell Massiah '25, Johji Nakada '26, William Safranek '26, and Kevin Stern '29
“Check Republic” Hannah Chan '30, Sebastian Hemlock '30, Owen Pang '31, and Michael Warren '30
“Always Eat With A Fork” Abbott Day '30, Aadi Doshi '33, Anthony Mavroudis '30, Kenzo Phillips '33, and Sammy Sen '30

Director of the Dalton Chess Program Beatriz Marinello, also joined the event and played alongside her colleagues for “B-Strat,” as did Max Mottola '25 for “How Did House of Windsor Promote to a King,” and alums Daniel Challenger '19 for “Brown University” and Tyler Roonprapunt '21 for “Cornell University.” 

Congratulations to the entire group of tigers and its active playing community, which spans generations!

Upcoming Dalton Chess competitions:
NYC Girls Championship - March 4
NY State Scholastic Championship - March 11-12 in Saratoga Springs, NY
National High School Championship - March 31-April 2 in Washington, DC
National Middle School Championship - April 21-23 in Austin, TX
National All-Girls Championship - April 28-30 in Chicago, IL
National Elementary Championship - May 12-14 in Baltimore, MD
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