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Afya Founder Speaks to 7th Graders about Service

Seventh grade students are leading a schoolwide drive (Jan 21-Feb. 5) to support the Afya Foundation's shipment of medical supplies to Puerto Rico in response to the recent earthquakes there.
On Thursday, January 23, Afya’s founder, Danielle Butin, spoke to 7th graders about making a big difference with little things.
Puerto Rico sustained a devastating earthquake, its largest since 1918, on January 7, 2020. Ms. Burtin talked with 7th grader about her story, Afya’s mission, and the dire need for supplies in Puerto Rico. She shared her experiences working with sick individuals, the elderly, and families in Puerto Rico and emphasized how crucial, in addition to the more obvious medical supplies, even a bar of soap could be for people suffering from this natural disaster. Ms. Burtin also discussed Afya’s mission to improve global health by rescuing surplus medical supplies and delivering them to underserved communities around the world. She explained Afya’s “Luggage for Life” program, in which students and their families who are traveling to places in the Caribbean or South Africa can partner with Afya to deliver luggage filled with essential medical supplies to these disadvantaged health systems.
Ms. Butin’s stories had a tangible impact on the students. They remarked that because of the lack of media coverage on the mainland US, the students had “no idea how bad things were” in Puerto Rico. The students added that they were inspired by the realization that something as seemingly insignificant as a toothbrush could bring a measure of dignity and a sense of hope to those who have lost everything.
Click here to learn more information on the 7th grade Dalton drive and needed supplies.
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