The Closet Door: Happy Death Day

Farnsworth House
Farnsworth House (Class of 2028) made up this nonsensical story as our starting point in exploring how a search engine like Google works.  (When will our story be indexed?  What keywords and tricks are there to help us locate our story in one simple query?)

My mother always told me to not open the closet door right outside of my room. There is a legend that if you opened it, you would get killed on the spot! One day, I brought a friend over to my house and I dared him to open the closet door.  He didn’t know the legend so he opened the door.

When he opened the door, there was nothing in it. But he got closer and closer and when I looked back, he was not there.  But I couldn’t see anything in the closet.

So I decided to go and tried to find him.  When I went into the closet, I found nothing but a bloody mess on the floor. I saw that there was a bloody knife and a safe that was locked.  I found a straw in my pocket and began sipping the blood. In the middle of my pleasant blood sipping, I heard a very irritated voice saying, “Hey, don’t drink my blood.”

I looked around but there’s still no one in the closet. 

“What do you mean, Your Blood?” I said.

I looked behind me and the closet door was closed.

“I said, stop drinking my blood!”  The voice insisted.

But I turned around and started sipping again.  I looked at the bloody knife on the ground and it seemed like it was calling me to stab someone.

Then a light turned on and people started saying, “Happy Birthday!” 

To be continued…. 
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