Character and Community in House

Throughout Dalton, House is the “community within a community” for every student. In middle school, House is especially important given the broad spectrum of social-emotional development for children in grades 4-8.
With regard to character and community, Middle School House is a place where:
  • students form a trusting relationship with their House Advisors. House Advisors not only advise on academic matters but are a “sounding board” for students on all matters, including social and emotional issues. Moreover, the House Advisor is the main contact between Dalton and the student’s family, ensuring clear communication about the child’s successes and challenges in all realms of their school life;
  • House Advisors create a safe space for conversations around personal responsibility, friendship, academic integrity, organization, appropriate use of technology, and other middle school-appropriate topics. House Advisors, working within their grade level team,develop House curriculum to serve the needs of their advisees;
  • community service initiatives often begin. Over the years, middle school houses have found creative ways to raise funds for charitable organizations both near and far; and
  • students feel a sense of identity and “pride” as a member of their House. For the school year, the House often becomes a family and a safe space for students to explore friendships and new ideas.
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