Middle & High School (4-12)
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Nicole (12th grade)

Entered Dalton: 9th Grade
Academic Interests: English, Science, Psychology, Critical Theory
Extra-curricular Activities: Head of Disability Visibility club (DiVi), member of a capella group (Alabanza!), photography
Place at Dalton you’re most likely to find me: The couch in the English lab! Mr. Rothwell jokes that if you look closely you can see a “Nicole-shaped” imprint  :)
Podcast du jour: "This American Life"
Favorite Dalton moment: Watching my house advisors pie each other in the face to raise money for TEDxDaltonSchool
Favorite thing about Dalton: The emphasis on the student voice and having students lead the conversation, no matter what the forum is
Superpower: Dream superpower? Shapeshifting. Actual superpower? Coming up with puns for any situation