Middle & High School (4-12)
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Ava (12th grade)

Entered Dalton: Kindergarten
Academic Interests: Physics, Comp Sci, English
Extra-curricular Activities: Robotics, Girls Who Code, Swim Team, Math Team, TED Club
Favorite class at Dalton: Ms. Luten’s American Literature: Rebels, Conformists, and Dreamers
Favorite chill time activity: Yoga
Proud Dalton accomplishment: Getting second in the world with my robotics team freshman year!
Favorite thing about Dalton: The people—everyone from my best friends to my middle teachers who I catch up with during free periods.
212.423.5200 | info@dalton.org
(K-3) 53 East 91st Street, New York, NY 10128
(4-12) 108 East 89th Street, New York, NY 10128