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Olivia '19

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Academic Interests: English, Computer Science, Robotics
Extra-curricular Activities: Volleyball, Lacrosse, Yearbook, Girls Who Code/Built by Girls.
Favorite Dalton tradition: Not sure if this counts as a tradition, but for the past two years the band Great Caesar has come to perform during assembly, and the lead singer was actually my substitute teacher for science class in fourth grade and I love their music. 
Best Dalton memory (so far): Playing volleyball at Homecoming, whenever I scored a point the crowd would go crazy and I would go even crazier. An adrenaline rush like no other.
Superpower: Teleportation, so I could get some more sleep in the morning.
Study snack of choice: A tall glass of cold water and some Twizzlers
212.423.5200 | info@dalton.org
(K-3) 53 East 91st Street, New York, NY 10128
(4-12) 108 East 89th Street, New York, NY 10128