Middle & High School (4-12)
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Sylvie (11th grade)

Entered Dalton: Kindergarten
Academic Interests: Biology, Spanish, New Media
Extra-curricular Activities: Soccer, Lacrosse, PALS Program, Dalton Generations’ Club, Community Service Club, Stripe Magazine, Shutterbug (Dalton’s photography magazine), Piano
Favorite class at Dalton: Ms. Gelley’s New Media class where I learned how to electronically design my own logo, and then printed it onto stickers and a t-shirt. Or the PALS program where I get to mentor younger students.
Favorite thing about Dalton: I love how Dalton encourages intergrade bonding and relationships in many aspects: sports teams, classes, and most importantly, House. I’m beyond lucky to have made great friends of all ages.
Number one reason I recommend Dalton: Unlike many other schools, Dalton students have the ability to make “labs” with their teachers as often as they like, to review for a test, edit an essay, or just talk. Also, it allows for students to form close bonds with our teachers.
Proud Dalton accomplishment: In 10th grade, my photography teacher encouraged me to submit my work into a contest and I ended up getting to display one of my pictures at the MET!