Middle & High School (4-12)

Visit Dalton

We are looking forward to meeting you!

There is one required, comprehensive visit to Dalton for all applicants to grades 6 and 9.  This visit includes a tour and interview, an information session and discussion for the parents with our Director of Middle & High School Admissions, and class visit for high school applicants. Please schedule this visit on Ravenna as soon as you have submitted your application.  

For those applying to grades 4 and 5, there are two required visits: a tour of the school, and an appointment for interviews for both the student and the parents.  These appointments should be scheduled on Ravenna as soon as you have submitted your application.

Additional (optional) opportunities to visit Dalton

The visits listed below are additional, completely optional opportunities to visit the school, perhaps ahead of applying, to learn more about Dalton. 

  • Open Houses: We hold one Open House for high school applicants, and one for middle school applicants, both held in October.  The Open House is an optional event for families to learn more about Dalton, and it is open to all interested 5th/8th graders and their families, whether you have already applied or are still thinking about applying.  Registration available after Labor Day at www.ravenna-hub.com.

  • Athletics Open House: We also hold an Open House in November that focuses primarily on our athletics program.  Registration available after Labor Day at www.ravenna-hub.com.


Contact Middle and High School Admissions:
Phone: 212-423-5262
Email: admissionsmshs@dalton.org
Address: 108 East 89th Street
New York, NY 10128

School Calendar and Snow Days Policy

Especially during the winter admissions season, in case of school closure, please become acquainted with Dalton's Snow Day Policy. Please also visit the Dalton News, Calendar and School Closure - Snow Days page for news and information about school holidays and closure.