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Grade 9 Biology Teachers and New Lab Collaborate

Microscopes are a staple in the world of science. Instead of using them in the traditional capacity, where one student at a time peers into the eyepiece to observe a specimen, Grade 9 Biology teachers in conjunction with New Lab for Teaching and Learning (Dalton's Technology Department) have moved to a collaborative microscopy experience using a microscope coupled with a digital camera and iPad.
This methodology was particularly helpful as Biology students examined not only osmosis as it occurred in red onion cells, but also preparations of their own cheeks cells! By using the iPad as the viewer, small groups examined, annotated, recorded and shared their experience in real time with each other. Also, images and videos that students recorded could be shared with the teacher and wirelessly projected on a whiteboard to engage in a whole class conversation.

Story and photo provided by Arlo Klinger and Anson Kendall, Education Technologists and Alicia Reid, MS/HS Science Teacher
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