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Dalton Math Team in Top 5 of Manhattan and Qualifies for State Mathcounts Tourney

10 Dalton Middle School Math Team students were selected to compete in the NYC tournament based on their Mathcounts school competition and AMC8 scores. They competed with a total of 400 students city-wide, from public and independent schools. The team earned the right to advance to the State tournament in March. Eighth-grader Jake Berg came in third individually in the combined Sprint and Target rounds, and in second place individually in the Countdown round.
The Dalton State Championship Bound Math Team:

Jake Berg '22
Ingrid Appen '22
Alejandro Breen '22
Liam Rust '22
Shravya Pant '22
Henry Clark '23
Katherine Hwang '23
Haeon Lee '24
Julia Miyasaka '24
Connor Rust '22

According to Wikipedia, "MATHCOUNTS, is a nationwide middle school mathematics competition held in various places in the United States. Its founding sponsors include the CNA Foundation, the National Society of Professional Engineers, and the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics."

Visit the website for more information on Mathcounts Competition Series.

Story submitted by High School and Math Teacher and Math Team Advisor Lisa Borenstein