High School
Dalton Science Research Program

DSRP Students Engage in Transdisciplinary Project with Parsons School of Design

Dalton Science Research Program juniors and seniors gathered together with two professors and a group of graduate student designers from Parsons School of Design in the first of three meetings that will span the first semester. Through a lens of social justice, Parsons and Dalton students are collaborating and drawing from many disciplines to develop accessible, accurate and easy-to-use sensors for measuring indoor and outdoor air quality in underprivileged neighborhoods. The team is engaged in the process of Transdisciplinary learning, which prepares students for a future where they will need to work collaboratively to harness the knowledge and expertise of many disciplines to solve real-world problems.
According to High School History teacher and Dalton Science Research Program Co-Director Brendan Matz, Dalton's DSRP students are migrating temporarily from their accustomed independent "bench" research into a transdisciplinary model, that is more collaborative and taps a wide range of expertise and research to develop curriculum, products, and solutions for the Harlem environmental action group, "We Act." 
The Dalton juniors' and seniors' role is to brainstorm activities and co-create curriculum for the project, in which they can also bring to bear their areas of research depth and expertise in environmental science, robotics, and programming. The DSRP students will also perform a parallel study of their own to sample air quality data.
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