Why I Didn’t Have My Hot Chocolate This Morning

Noble House
This is a story, created by Noble House Students, that we will try to search using Google Search Engine in the new year. 

When I woke up this morning, I looked out the window and saw that it was snowing. I put on my snowsuit and went outside to play.  I fell on the snow and my gloves fell off.  My hands felt the cold snow.  And then, my little brother, Lollipop, came running at me.  He jumped on top of me and started exchanging words. Then he began to cry and fell on the snow.  Then a tree shook and all the snow landed on my little brother’s head.

We exchanged words again and then the dump truck came and started beeping.  The driver got out. The driver went to the trashcan and got hit by a raccoon because the raccoon thought he was trying to steal his trash.  When the driver came to his senses, and went away, the raccoon scampered up the tree and started crying.  Then, after being scared by the raccoon, we went back inside and saw my mom wearing a Hotdog Suit.

My dad walked out the bathroom, wearing a Pizza Suit.  I asked, “WHY ARE YOU WEARING THESE SUITS?” Then my parents said, “STOP ASKING PERSONAL QUESTIONS!”  Then, out of no where, a magical cow came out holding pencils.

I went to get hot chocoate, and the cow flew out the house and knocked the raccoon off of the tree, and it went through my window and landed on my hot chocolate.  
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