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My Messed Up Life

Smeltzer House
This is a class exercise in preparation for searching using Search Engines. 
This morning, I woke up and looked out of my window to see that it was snowing. The ground was already covered in white.  Then, I saw the biggest OWL EVER!  After that, I saw Harry Potter on the broom chasing it. Then, I fell back to sleep.

But, suddenly, I woke up and saw a volcano exploding at Pompeii.  I was just dreaming the whole time.

The next morning, I woke up and noticed a bird on top of my head.  I noticed that there was barf on my stomach and I screamed because it was so gross.  I got up and ran to the bathroom and threw myself into the bathtub without any water.  Then I turned the water on and it burned my face off.

I put my face back on and when I saw my bed, I realized I wet it.  “Hold on, how was this possible: I don’t have a bathroom in my house!” Suddenly, a black panther was licking my face. Then, I realized that the bathroom I went into was my dad sleeping.  I knew I would get in trouble so I went to the zoo to see the Ostrich Exhibit.

Then I got run over by a hoard of them!

The End
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