K-12 Language Teachers Sharpen Their Assessment Skills

Language teachers from First Program, Middle School, and High School participated in a workshop to learn about best practices in oral proficiency assessment or SOPA in a two-day seminar. Facilitated by Lynn Thompson, Project Director of World Languages and International Programs at CAL (The Center for Applied Linguistics) in Washington, DC., the teachers were trained in techniques for administering the SOPA (Student Oral Proficiency Assessment). SOPA is an interview protocol that helps teachers to measure program effectiveness as well as individual student growth along their oral proficiency pathway.
The assessment involves personal questions, games, picture description, and storytelling, among other techniques. Participating teachers included: Flor Berman (MS/HS Spanish), Marissa Coulehan (FP Spanish), Nancy DíEcclesiis (FP Spanish), Lori Langer de Ramirez (Language Department Director), and Maria Nebres (MS/HS Spanish).