Spanish Department Celebrates Heritage Month With Interactive Exhibit

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, the Dalton Spanish Department is sponsoring an interactive exhibit of Diego Rivera's iconic mural, Sueño de una tarde dominical en la Alameda Central|Dream of a Sunday Afternoon in the Alameda Central. The 17 foot-long mural is displayed in the 3rd-floor cafeteria at 89th Street and can be viewed for the next few weeks.
There are many famous people and events depicted in the mural and, with the help from an App the Museo Mural Diego Rivera (scan the QR code or click here to download the App for free), you can scan the mural with your phone and discover all the history and culture embedded in this amazing work of art!

About the mural (Adapted from Wikipedia:
  • Sueño de una tarde dominical en la Alameda Central was painted between the years 1946 and 1947. The painting depicts famous people and events in the history of Mexico, passing through the Alameda Central Park in Mexico City. Some notable figures include: José Guadalupe Posada, Francisco I. Madero, Benito Juárez, Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, Porfirio Diaz, Agustín de Iturbide, Ignacio Manuel Altamirano, Maximilian I of Mexico, Juan de Zumárraga, Antonio López de Santa Anna, Winfield Scott, Victoriano Huerta, José Martí, Manuel Gutiérrez Nájera, Hernán Cortés and more.

  • The central focus of the mural is on a display of bourgeois complacency and values shortly before the Mexican Revolution of 1910. Elegantly dressed upper-class figures promenade under the figure of the long-ruling dictator Porfirio Díaz. An indigenous family is forced back by police batons and to the right flames and violence loom. An elegantly dressed skeleton - La Calavera Catrina - dominates the center of the image, holding arms with the Mexican graphic artist who conceived and drew her, José Guadalupe Posada, in a black suit and cane. La Catrina wears a Feathered Serpent boa around her shoulders. On La Catrina's right, she is holding hands with a child version of Diego Rivera in short pants. Rivera's wife Frida Kahlo is standing just behind and between him and La Catrina; Kahlo has her hand on Rivera's shoulder.