Spanish Students Learn About El Biblioburro and the Importance of Giving

During two weeks in October, students in Mme. Viard and Dr. Langer de Ramirez’s Spanish 2MS classes have been learning about El Biblioburro – a school teacher from Colombia, who brings books to children in rural areas who don’t have access to libraries. He delivers the books via two hard-working donkeys to the children in Magdalena Province's interior.
Students learned about the coastal region of Colombia where El Biblioburro operates and watched videos about El Biblioburro. They read a book by Jeanette Winter entitled El Biblioburro – Un cuento real de Colombia and designed their own poster, radio announcement, or video to educate the school community about this important work.

Finally, students in all three classes conducted a “Biblioburro Bake Sale” to raise funds to buy books in Spanish to donate to the cause. Students raised over $600 and look forward purchasing the books and writing short messages in Spanish to the children in Colombia who will receive them.

To learn more about El Biblioburro, visit this PBS website, which includes a short video and more information about the project:

Story and photos provided by Lori Langer de Ramirez, Ed.D.
Director, World and Classical Languages & Global Language Initiatives