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MakerKits Available For Dalton Families

The First Program library now has MakerKits available to be checked out by families. The kits include interactive technologies and manipulatives for experiential and fun learning.  Each MakerKit is detailed below. Families may borrow a kit ONE week at a time (and renew it as long as it isn't on reserve). The kits all have an inventory list with costs, and parents/guardians assume responsibility for lost or damaged items. 

To reserve a kit, please complete this form.  We will distribute MakerKits on a first-come/first-sign up basis. First Program Librarians will contact you upon sending your kit home, and will clearly indicate the due date.

List of 12 items.

  • Harry Potter Wand MakerKit

    #1. Harry Potter Wand Kit

    Use your coding skills to create magic! Includes over 70 step-by-step challenges like making feathers fly, goblets multiply and pumpkins grow.  The wand pairs via Bluetooth to the app downloaded onto the iPad provided. Check out these resources for how to use the wand. 
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  • #2. Mini-Sphero Kit

    Drive your mini-robot by coding the sphero to follow specific paths, maneuver around traffic cones or knock down bowling pins. The Sphero pairs via Bluetooth to the app downloaded onto the iPad provided.  Check out this video for how to get started.
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  • #3. World Globe 3D Puzzle

    A 180 piece puzzle that creates a colorful globe that, when finished, will rotate on the provided stand.  Pieces are curved and numbered on the back to help with assembly. Once your world is built, enjoy practicing geography skills! To return the kit, please disassemble the puzzle and be sure all pieces are included.  
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  • #4. Marble Run

    Build your very own marble run. With 216 pieces, use your creativity to build tracks and race marbles, then take it apart and build something completely new- over and over again!
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  • #5. Math Games for the Family

    Three games to help practice essential math skills! Here's what you get:

    – Mobi Kids Numerical Tile Game- after selecting tiles, players must use all of their tiles to create addition or subtraction equations. This game can be played solo or with up to 4 players.
    – Sequence Numbers- match the addition or subtraction equation on your card to answers on the board. Get 5 in a row to win! For 2-6 players.
    – Zoom- a card game to practice addition and multiplication. For 1-4 players.
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  • #6. Origami Kit

    The art of folding paper!  Turn a square of paper into a beautiful, folded sculpture- the creative options are endless.  The kids include two books with instructions on folding simple designs and animals. Paper is included- create and keep your paper sculptures!
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  • #7. K’NEX Model Building Set

    Hundreds of pieces including rods, connectors, wheels, rotors, wings, and tracks that can be built and rebuilt into limitless creations that are interactive and really move.  Great for hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and exercising the imagination! It also includes a project booklet with over 70 ideas to help you get started.
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  • #8. Rush Hour Traffic Jam

    Set up the grid with the traffic jam on a selected card, then try to get the red car to the exit by sliding the blocking cars and trucks out of the way.  It is trickier than you think! The game comes with 40 cards that increase in difficulty from beginner to expert. A single-player game, but family members can team up to help!
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  • #9. Cubelets

    Robot blocks that use Tactile Coding to make your creation go! You can start screen-free, then add the iPad for more challenging coding.  Check out this page with a bunch of short videos to see what you can do with Cubelets (scroll down the page just a bit).
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  • #10. Blue-Bot with Tac Tile Reader

    The blue-bot is coded using tiles in the Tac-tile readers. A user guide is included.
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  • #11. Snap Circuits Jr.

    By following the colorful instructions in the manual, you can design and build over 100 of your own working electrical circuits including a doorbell, alarm, voice recorder, and FM radio.
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  • #12 - Lego Kit

    Lots and lots of legos!  
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