Alumni Council

The Alumni Council advances Dalton’s mission, preserves its history, plans for the future and engages in current activities. The Council strengthens relationships among Alumni and their connection to the Dalton community.  
The Alumni Council advances Dalton’s mission, preserves its history, plans for the future and engages in current activities. The Council strengthens relationships among Alumni and their connection to the Dalton community.

Once Dalton seniors walk through the Arch for the final time in June and “Go Forth Unafraid®” as graduates, they are warmly welcomed as the newest members of the School’s Alumni Association.

Alumni who play an active role at their alma mater may have the opportunity to join the Alumni Council. The Council works closely with the Alumni office and meets every other month to organize fun, engaging events (e.g., the popular Conversation Series, Reunion), and useful services (e.g., Dalton Connects, the Alumni Career Resource Network and the Alumni College Internship Directory).

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  • President & Trustee Representative

    Joanna Stone Herman ’88
  • Vice President

    Joseph Franken ’03
  • Secretary

    Maxie Glass Harnik ’05
  • Delegates

    Warren Burgess ’90
    Andrew Eaddy ’15
    Harriet Fisher ’13
    Wendy Foster ’81
    Jimmy Frischling ’86
    Emily Mindel Gottlieb ’91
    Celena Kopinski ’10
    Wynter Lastarria ’11
    Melissa Frey Levine ’00
    Ann Salfeld Lewyn ’53
    Gita Mehta ’73
    Richard Nackenson ’85
    Jillian Saperstein ’04
    Marjorie Cohen Scharfspitz ’59
    Patricia Braun Silvers ’68
    Michael Stillman ’98
    April Kim Tonin ’88
    Susan Lewis West ’56
    Terrence Winston ’89
    Arun Yang ’06
  • Council Advisors

    Charles Simon ’84
    Carla Van de Walle ’84
  • Faculty Rep

    Nicholas Lechich '06

Alumni Council President

On behalf of the Dalton Alumni Council, I want to update you on many exciting happenings at Dalton and encourage you to get involved.

Every year Dalton has a schoolwide theme – an idea that the Dalton community explores together in various ways. Last week, Head of School Jim Best announced that the theme is "Serving" which he described as a daily practice and as the work of belonging to a community. He believes serving is essential to Dalton and calls on all of us to develop a sense of responsibility toward others within the Dalton community.

I feel so privileged to be "serving" as the new Dalton Alumni Council president, and I want to help find ways that the Alumni Council can best serve the alumni community and make sure that all alumni feel engaged with the school.

Since it's now Dalton's 101st year, we aim to have at least 101 alumni -- who have not been active in the community recently -- attend a Dalton event this year or to become involved in some meaningful way. This is where I need help from all of you: How do we best engage you?

You can get involved in many different ways! You can offer alumni internship opportunities, attend alumni and school-wide events, participate in the Annual Fund, be a class officer or reunion committee member, volunteer for one of our Alumni Council Committees, engage with students and other alumni, write a class note, follow Dalton on social media, etc. By working together, we can build an even stronger alumni community.

There are numerous events planned during 2019-2020. If you are someone who has not been involved in Dalton in recent years, we hope you will be one of the 101+ people who reengage this year. And if you have been participating, perhaps consider being more involved -- maybe reaching out to fellow alums to encourage their involvement.

Dalton continues to offer so much that we, as alumni, treasured about our own experiences. The school also continues to expand and grow in innovative ways in terms of curriculum, students, and teachers, and, of course, the building itself -- which is literally growing up! In fact, on Monday evening, November 4, we hope you will come to a community event to see the new floors at East 89th Street and learn more about the many exciting developments at our school.

I have very big shoes to fill as Jimmy Frischling’s successor. He set a high bar as our last Dalton Alumni Council President these past three years. A new annual tradition that Jimmy started, now in its third year, is a special Dalton Alumni-owned Restaurant Homecoming Bonanza taking place THIS WEEKEND. Four Dalton Alums, who own restaurants along 2nd Avenue on the UES -- Dukes, Mel's Burger Bar and Quality Eats -- will be offering a fun-filled weekend of specials (see below for specific details) for Dalton Alumni throughout Homecoming weekend.

I hope you’ll continue to read the Blast for a compete list of Alumni news and events. Just this week the Alumni Council's Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee kicked off the academic year with a fun alumni cocktail party on the Empire Hotel rooftop with over 85 alumni. Thank you to Sarah Telson '05 who organized this event and to everyone who attended. We had beautiful weather, caught a spectacular sunset over the Hudson River, enjoyed great food and cocktails, and connected with Dalton alums across the decades.

And finally, I want to thank the new Alumni Council Vice President Joe Franken '03 who jumped in immediately -- and even worked over the summer -- to help us prepare goals for the year ahead. We are looking forward to another great year for the Dalton Alumni community. As always, feel free to email if you have any questions, ideas or feedback. I hope to hear from you and see as many of you as possible in the year ahead.

Joanna Stone Herman ’88
Alumni Council President
212.423.5200 |
(K-3) 53 East 91st Street, New York, NY 10128
(4-12) 108 East 89th Street, New York, NY 10128