Young Adult Collection Circulation Policy

Dear Parent,

In general, although not always, the Young Adult Literature tends to deal with teen specific topics that push the envelopes somewhat. Commonly found themes such as sexuality, sexual identity, physical abuses, drugs, rape, violence, etc. might be of great interest to teens but disturbing to younger children. Developmentally speaking, a 4th or 5th grader’s sensibilities can be drastically different from those of a 7th or 8th grader’s. YA titles are not necessarily harder to read, but the themes and scenes might perplex a younger child.

We affix a YA (Young Adult) sticker on these materials and give them a separate section in the Middle School Library so that younger students will not stumble upon materials that might cause them unexpected discomfort. Furthermore, older MS and High School students can easily locate titles that speak directly to their interests and concerns. The decision of putting such materials in the YA section is based both on review sources and the librarians’ professional judgment.

We understand that each family and each child is different and respect your child’s opinions in selecting materials for themselves and your opinions in guiding them through such selection process, based on as much information as you can gather. We believe that you will pay close attention to the individual titles that your child signs out from the library and offer sound advice and judgment to your child as to the suitability of each title. Our YA circulation policy is that no child under grade 7, without specific written consent from the parents, can sign out Young Adult materials.

When a younger student wishes to check out a YA title, we will contact parents to discuss the content of each title and the child’s readiness of handling certain topics.

After the discussion, sometimes including a check-in with the House Advisor, parents can determine whether the child would be able to check out specific titles or the entire collection. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us if any query arises.

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