Curriculum: From our mission statement to the Strategic Plan, Dalton’s commitment to equity and diversity mandates the development of curriculum for the academic classroom that is inclusive and extends globally.
Some K-12 initiatives include:
  • The First Program developed a literature-based curriculum that includes themes of identity, family and community development.
  • The fourth grade immigration unit was expanded to include a segment on the African Diaspora – or “forced immigration.”
  • The high school history faculty incorporated the idea of “global citizenry” and revised the Western Civilization curriculum to reflect world cultures.
Leadership: Each year since 1997, Dalton has sponsored 6-8 students to participate in the Student Diversity Leadership Conference sponsored by NAIS (National Association of Independent Schools).  Following each conference, students share their experiences with the Dalton community by attending panel discussions with the Board of Trustees and various divisional forums. 

In 2010, Dalton devoted its yearly Student Leadership Conference to exploring connections between identity, experience and leadership.  Roundtable participants included: Melissa Harris Perry, Bennett Singer and, Kenji Yoshino.

Affinity Groups: Students gather regularly to celebrate cultural diversity and examine complex social identity issues in affinity group forums, which span middle and high school grades 6-12.
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