The partnership between the Parents Association’s Community Life & Diversity committee and the school is one that has strengthened diversity work throughout the years.
The expectation of parents joining the Dalton community is one of being open-minded, accepting and welcoming. This committee has focused its attention on helping to support and educate parents. Some examples are:
  • Monthly coffees with topics that highlight the similarities parents share
  • An evening titled The Elephant in the Room, where socio-economic differences were discussed
  • A panel presentation on LGBTQ issues with representation from faculty, alumni and parents
  • Affinity groups: POCOC (Parents of Children of Color) and GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance)
Several years ago the PA removed hidden costs associated with volunteering and made it more welcoming for all parents to volunteer. Additionally, the PA recently added mandatory leadership training for all volunteers, teaching skills to help create a more inclusive community.
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