First Grade

Activities for grade-wide social studies units focus on the community Literature about kindness, courage, perseverance, acceptance, similarities and differences is used to support social-emotional learning and character skills growth.
Grade-wide service learning projects include: 
  • a Thanksgiving Gathering of all Houses with canned goods collection for Yorkville Pantry;
  • a December mitten/glove drive for Homes for the Homeless;
  • Earth Day recognition donating reusable bags to Food Emporium for distribution to local community;
  • and a First Grade Walk-a-Thon raising money to support Ujima and various charities.
Individual House projects include: 
  • compliments, good deeds & positive thoughts (based on “How Full is Your Bucket?”);
  • DEAR period open to the community;
  • writing about people who have made a difference in the world;
  • a study of the Harlem Meer, North Woods & Conservatory Garden to develop an understanding of the interconnectedness of plants, animals & humans & the role humans play in protecting the Earth;
  • the First Program Post Office, raising money for the World Wildlife Fund and encouraging community members to write notes of thanks to each other;
  • a Kindness box;
  • a restaurant study to reinforce the necessity of working as a team;
  • and a “Radio talk show” – students research and interview members of the FP community.
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