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Emergency Building Closures

In the event of weather emergencies, please note the procedures for announcing building closures:

  1. Snow Days: On the first day of inclement weather, Dalton usually follows the New York City Public School's closure decision, unless the Head of School determines otherwise. Please always check our website homepage to confirm Dalton's decision and find the latest school schedule updates and specifics.
  2. On subsequent days, Dalton will decide if classes will be in session and will post a message on the homepage to that effect.
  3. Channels of communication about closing:
    • Visit Dalton's website
    • Call 212-423-5200
    • Dalton community members will receive an email Blast
    • Dalton community members listing mobile numbers in the directory may also receive a robocall (see details in the blue box) or text message via our automated phone and texting system.
  4. In the event of a school closure, all in-person athletics, after school, and evening events will be canceled or rescheduled. Consult the website or contact related administrative offices for rescheduling information.

Emergency Texts and Phone Calls

Community members who list mobile numbers in Dalton's private directory automatically receive emergency robocalls and texts from ONSOLVE (formerly OneCallNow.) These are triggered for school closures or emergencies. To receive texts, parents must list wireless numbers on their Dalton online profiles and their children's profiles.

Community members may opt out of receiving ALL emergency phone calls and opt in or opt out of receiving text messages at specified numbers by accessing the ONSOLVE website. The School cannot be held responsible if members opt out of these services and as a result, miss important emergency messages.

Snow day calls are made in the wee hours of the morning for those who must wake early and travel great distances to come to school. If you do not wish to have your sleep disturbed, we suggest that you silence your phones on evenings when snow days may be announced.
(Grades K-3) 53 East 91st Street
New York, NY 10128
General: (212) 423-5200 | Admissions: (212) 423-5463
General: | Admissions:

(Gr. 4 Dalton East & PE Center) 200 East 87th Street
New York, NY 10128
General: (212) 423-5200 | Admissions: (212) 423-5262
General: | Admissions:

(Grade 5-12) 108 East 89th Street
New York, NY 10128
General: (212) 423-5200 | Admissions: (212) 423-5262
General: | Admissions: