Middle School

The middle school years are a transformative and spirited time of immense intellectual, physical, social, and emotional growth. The Dalton Middle School program embraces and celebrates this unique developmental period, providing a smooth bridge from the self-contained classrooms of the First Program (Lower School) to the challenges of the High School.

Dalton's commitment to progressive education and student-centered approach mesh perfectly with the unbridled enthusiasm of middle school students. We believe that students come to us eager to learn and we purposefully fan that spark into an enduring flame. Our curriculum balances an appropriate foundation of skills and content with the critical thinking and problem-solving inherent within integrated projects and student-initiated inquiry. The talented middle school faculty is dedicated to continuous innovation and providing authentic opportunities for creative expression.

As you explore our website, I hope you can see the depth of our thoughtful and engaging program and how it honors the progressive vision of our founder, Helen Parkhurst. I encourage you to learn more about the joy, laughter, academic excellence, and friendships alive in our classrooms and hallways everyday.

Lorri Hamilton Durbin
Middle School Director