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  • October

    Dalton Tiger Report - This Week In Athletics (10-21)

    Read about some of the great performances and highlights from the past week. This week features Volleyball, Football, and Cross Country.
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  • Dalton Tiger Report - This Week In Athletics (10-14)

    Written by Bo Peponis and Marshall Miller
    Read about some of the great performances and highlights from the past week. This week features Boys Soccer, Girls Soccer, and Volleyball.
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  • Dalton Tiger Report - This Week In Athletics (10-7)

    Written by Bo Peponis and Phoebe Cahill
    Read about some of the great performances and highlights from the past week. This week features Boys Soccer, Girls Soccer, Cross Country, and Tennis.
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  • Expected Construction Activities: October and November 2018

    The following is a summary of expected construction activities for October and November including relevant information about the exterior, interior work, and DOB permitted construction hours.
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  • Dalton Science Reserves, Conserves and Serves

    Anyone who has moved knows that it is a perfect time to take stock of stuff that is necessary and stuff that is not, which leads to deciding what to do with the leftovers. When the Science department moved from the 4th Floor to 11 and 12, they faced that same dilemma. They had perfectly good stuff that they no longer needed. That's when Science Teacher Evie Harrison spear-headed a resourceful initiative to donate items no longer needed by the Science department to schools in greater need.
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  • Construction Update for Neighbors - October 10 at 6:30 PM

    Please join Dalton's Head of School, our architects, and project manager to receive an update on the upcoming construction schedule and planned building activities in October.
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  • September

    Dalton Equips Varsity Football Team with Top-Rated Helmet

    As the Dalton varsity football team opens up their 2018-19 season, you will notice a shiny new addition to their uniforms. Dalton is equipping all members of the team with the VICIS ZERO1 helmet. The decision to equip the entire team in the ZERO1 is part of a larger commitment to protect Dalton student-athletes with the safest and most technologically advanced equipment. Dalton joins over 1000 high school programs in addition to a significant number of professional and college teams that have made equipped their players in the ZERO1 helmet for the 2018 season.
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  • We Got Spirit, Yes We DO!

    As part of the run-up to Homecoming, high school students traditionally participate in Spirit week with each day dedicated to a different dress-up theme (e.g., Blue & White day, grade dress up, House dress up)
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  • Why Thursday was a Historic Day at Dalton

    After extensive planning and intensive construction over the last year and a half, our community's patience, flexibility, and good will have reaped the rewards. On Thursday, the doors opened on floors 11 and 12, and Dalton's MS/HS Science faculty and students were thrilled to occupy their stunning, new home. 
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  • New Centennial Exhibits Wow Dalton Community

    Amidst the high energy that characterizes the first day of school, the Dalton community also enjoyed a visual treat -- one-of-a-kind Centennial exhibits displayed in all three buildings.
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  • Puppets Confront Anthropocentrism in HS Fall Play

    by Bob Sloan
    Our planet is currently hurtling on an unwavering trajectory toward mass extinction. And while every day we accrue more information and data, more facts, figures, and charts explaining how this is happening and what the consequences are, we curiously cannot seem to invest ourselves fully in slowing the process down. Perhaps this is because data and information reinforce the very construct that is at at the root of the problem -- our anthropocentric approach to planet.
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  • Welcome to Library 2.0 !

    The High School Library has new temporary digs -- on the east end of the 2nd floor.
    Our space may be smaller, but our services are the same.  Stop by for a tour to see our new space and learn how the library can support you this year.
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  • Dalton Senior Wins Davidson Fellows Scholarship for Air Quality Improvement Research

    Senior Eeshan Tripathii ‘19 won a $25,000 Davidson Fellows Scholarship for his project, Utilizing Recurrent Neural Networks Long Short-Term Memory Algorithms to Create a Smart Ductless Indoor Air Quality Improvement Network System. He also won the Second Award In Environmental Engineering at the Intel Science and Engineering Fair in the spring. 
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  • Koby Bernstein '19 - Photo courtesy of the Jewish Journal

    Student Honoree Remarks on Staying Positive Post Sports Injuries

    The Jewish Journal interviewed Dalton senior Koby Bernstein ’19 in the article, "The Power of Positivity: How Did One Teenager Handle Having Multiple Concussions?" Koby, this year’s youth honoree of the Brain Injury Association of New York and his team, are raising funds for The March On-Long Island 5K.
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  • International collaborators in Senegal

    Teachers & Alums Go Forth To Dance in Senegal

    Dalton Dance teachers and alums made a long journey to Tambacounda, Senegal, West Africa in early 2018 to join an artistic, agricultural and cultural center named "Thread." Director Nick Murphy collaborated with filmmaker Josh Izenberg to create a beautiful short video, released early this summer and included in the story details below.
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  • August

    DGI FIJI 2018 - Students, Faculty & Staff Provide Tropical Storm Relief

    Just days after Arch Day 2018, an intrepid group of Dalton students went forth unafraid to the South Pacific as part of the Dalton Global Initiative in Fiji.  Working in partnership with Global Works, the Dalton students began with a brief stay in Nadi for acclimation and orientation and then ventured to the village of Nativi for the heart of their experience in Fiji. 
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  • Upcoming Crane Work / Street Closure

    Please be advised of upcoming crane work and street closure on 89th Street, between Park and Lexington Avenues, on Saturday August 18 from 7:00 AM - 8:00 PM.  
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  • Update: Extended Construction Hours

    In order to complete renovation work on the existing 11th and 12th floors, mechanical work, and façade work, we will be working extended construction hours.  Please see below for the extended construction hours beginning Sunday, August 5 and running through the beginning of September.
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  • July

    Upcoming Crane Work / Street Closure

    Please be advised of upcoming crane work and street closure on 89th Street, between Park and Lexington Avenues, on Saturday, August 4 from 7:00 AM - 8:00 PM. 
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  • June

    Expected Construction Activities: June 2018

    The following is a summary of expected construction activities for June including relevant information about the exterior, interior work, and DOB permitted construction hours.
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  • Girls Varsity NYSAIS Championship Team - Elise Bousquette '18 (middle row, right), Caleigh Ryan '18 (kneeling, 3rd from right), Ema Schumer '18 (kneeling, 2nd from right)

    Dalton Girls Basketball Seniors Receive Postseason Recognition

    Congratulations to Dalton Girls Varsity Basketball seniors Caleigh Ryan, Ema Schumer, and Elise Bousquette for earning all-state recognition from the New York State Sportswriters Association.
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  • May

    MS Spanish Students Market UNESCO World Heritage Sites

    In an innovative unit, Teacher Flor Berman's 7th and 8th Grade students completed their study on Ecotourism in Central America by creating publicity -- in Spanish -- to promote the 17 UNESCO world heritage sites in Central America.
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  • Age of Exploration Manuscript Paintings

    Michelle Marucs
    Third graders had the opportunity this past month to create manuscript paintings using techniques and materials from the Age of Exploration. On behalf of Dalton’s Museum Program, artist and materials consultant Patricia Miranda showed the students how to grind their own pigments from malachite, saffron, cochineal, and clay. Each two-day workshop was designed to support the 3rd grade social studies and archaeology curriculum. The students in House 37, for example, who study Mexico City, made Aztec-style manuscript paintings on bark paper.
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  • Summer!

    Wishing you all a fabulous summer -- full of fun, free time, and good books!
    Click HERE for a list of summer reading suggestions.
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  • High School Student Wins Second Award In Environmental Engineering at Intel Science and Engineering Fair

    Eeshan Tripathii '19 earned a top award in the field of Environmental Engineering at the 2018 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (Intel ISEF). The Intel ISEF is the largest pre-college science competition in the world. Students compete in local and school-sponsored science fairs. 
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  • Dalton Chess Teams Receive Top Scores at National Championships

    Dalton chess players from Kindergarten through 6th Grade took top trophies in championship sections over Mother’s Day weekend at the Elementary National Chess Championships in Nashville, Tennessee. Thirty-four players competed among over 2,300 students from almost all 50 states.
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  • Spring Teams Qualify for NYSAIS Playoffs

    The Baseball, Softball, and Boys Lacrosse Teams all qualified for NYSAIS Postseason tournaments play this year. The Softball Team received a #2 seed among the highest seeds in recent history after a 9-4 season and a second-place finish in the Ivy League. Both Baseball and Boys Lacrosse also were selected as automatic bids for the postseason with the Baseball Team seeded 7th and the Boys Lacrosse Team seeded 6th in their respective tournaments.
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  • Keynote Speaker, Kind Snacks Founder/CEO, and Dalton Trustee Daniel Lubetsky

    Dalton Conference 2018 - Raising Empathy and Taking Action

    The Dalton Conference 2018: Raising Empathy & Taking Action took place on Saturday, April 28, 2018. We welcomed 30 New York City independent schools and each sent a group (POD) of 14 people representing each constituent group (administration, alumni, diversity practitioners, faculty, parents, students, and trustees]
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  • Dalton Participates in the First Statewide Programming Contest

    Dalton joined forces with Cornell Tech NYC & Cornell-Ithaca to create the first statewide high school programming competition on April 9. For the past five years, Dalton has frequently traveled to Ithaca to participate in their contest. This travel and competition time represented a substantial time commitment for both the students and faculty. Last summer, meetings began with both Cornell campuses on how we could jointly build a concurrent contest where upstate and downstate team could compete against one another in a "north versus south" event.
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  • Mandarin Students Practice Their Skills

    On a beautiful and sunny Tuesday in May, our Mandarin 3HS class took a field trip to Flushing, Queens. Our first stop was the Hua Lian Tsu Hui Temple where we were lucky to witness the morning rituals and prayers performed by members of the temple’s clergy. The temple was beautifully decorated with intricate gold decor and sculptures of important gods and goddesses. During our tour of the temple, we learned about which god corresponds to the year we were born (like a horoscope). The temple provided us, as a class, with a more realistic understanding of Chinese culture because we were able to witness everyday people in their religious environment.

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  • Dalton Tiger Report: 5/5 - 5/11

    It was a record-breaking weekend for the Track and Field team at the Loucks Games. Zachary Love '19 broke the school mark in the long jump with a leap of 22-3.5 on Friday, May 11. It was nearly a foot farther than he had jumped before this season and helped him finish in third place. His finish was the best for a Dalton male athlete at the prestigious meet that brings together the best track and field runners from the East Coast.
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  • Head of School Ellen C. Stein

    Dalton Celebrates Head of School Ellen C. Stein

    Dalton community members celebrated Head of School Ellen C. Stein's 24 years of leadership on Thursday evening, May 10 at the American Museum of Natural History. During this lovely, memorable night — the largest gathering in Dalton's history with almost 1,200 people — speakers and attendees toasted the many accomplishments and legacy of Dalton's first Alumna Head of School.
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  • Dalton Tiger Report: 4/30 - 5/4

    Dalton Softball is having an excellent season with a 6-3 record in their first nine games. They are currently in second place in the Ivy League after an exciting comeback against Riverdale. Trailing in the bottom of the 7th, Dalton scored 5 runs to tie the game. Dalton held Riverdale scoreless in extra innings before finally breaking through when Lulu Saghie ’19 hit a walk-off single RBI for the winning run in 10 innings.
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  • Frida Kahlo Day

    The Spanish Language and Culture class celebrated its annual Frida Day. Students and faculty come together to celebrate Frida Kahlo. Frida represented endurance and determination to many because she lived true to herself rather than conforming to the status quo. Dalton students commemorated an individual who, against all odds, significantly impacted society as an artist, a woman, and a person. Unafraid to express herself through her art, her clothing, and her words, Kahlo portrayed raw, controversial, and authentic sides of herself in ways that were uncommon for a woman of her time.
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  • Two Dalton Students Submit Original Research to NYC Science and Engineering Fair

    Dalton Science Research Program (DSRP) participants Kevin Won '19 and Eeshan Tripathii '19 submitted their original research to the New York City Science and Engineering Fair. Kevin's poster was titled "Oxidative Stress-Mediated Anticancer Effect of Mushroom Extract on Renal Cell Carcinoma," and Eeshan's was titled "Managing Indoor Air Quality In Child Breathing Zone: Risk Analysis And Mitigation."
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  • April

    Dalton/NYSAIS Global Language and Culture Conference

    In conjunction with NYSAIS, the Dalton World and Classical Language department sponsored its third annual Global Language and Culture Conference this month. This year’s conference theme was “Meeting the Needs of the K-12 Novice Language Learner.”

    Congratulations to everyone on their participation and collaboration!

    Story and photos submitted by World and Classical Languages Chair Lori Langer de Ramirez
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  • Lengua y Cultura - Language and Culture: Momentos especiales

    High School Language and Culture classes engaged in two recent authentic experiences; practicing their Spanish by teleconferencing with their San Juan, Puerto Rican counterparts and cooking together to compete in Taco Wars in the 89th Street Cafeteria.
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  • Upcoming Crane Work / Street Closure

    Please be advised of upcoming crane work and street closure on 89th Street, between Park and Lexington Avenues, on May 5 from 6:00 AM - 8:00 PM.
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  • Activism and Global Citizenship Class Attends Women in the World Summit

    Activism and Global Citizenship Students Attend Women in the World Summit

    For the third year students in Yom Fox’s Activism and Global Citizenship class attended the Women in the World Summit (April 12-14). This year, students from African American History joined. “It’s a tremendous opportunity for them (students) to see and hear from a range of voices who are advocating not only for issues that impact women and girls but ultimately everyone,” Fox said. The three-day summit included speakers such as Nobel Peace Laureate Leymah Gbowee, actress Viola Davis, former deputy attorney general Sally Yates, Hillary Clinton, and March for Our Lives organizers and other international activists.
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  • Dalton Classical Language/Latin Students Receive Awards

    Students from Grades 6-12 took the National Latin Exam. The NLE, a multiple choice exam, tests entrants on vocabulary, syntax and translating skills as well as their knowledge of Roman geography, history, mythology, culture, and institutions. Each year, over 130,000 Latin students worldwide sit for this exam. Of Dalton's 109 participants, 90 students received awards in this exam.
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  • Dalton Students Break Records at the NY Mayor's Cup

    Zach Love '19 became the first Dalton student to win an event at the NY Mayor's Cup. He captured the triple jump title Saturday with a jump of 43'8". Love won the event by 3.5 feet over his next closest competitor. He was so dominant that any of his six jumps would have easily won the contest. His winning jump was the fifth highest in the past eight years since 2015. Zach also placed second in the long jump, just narrowly getting beat out for first on the winner's final attempt. The junior's performance capped a record-setting day for the Dalton boys team, which placed second among private schools at the meet. Arjun Prasad '18 came in fifth in the pole vault, clearing 12'6", a foot better than his previous school record. Ari Eaton '20 broke the school record in the steeplechase. This was the first time the sophomore had competed in the event.

    Congratulations to all.

    Story and photo provided by Doug Feinberg, Sportswriter, Athletics Coach
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  • Members of Girls Lacrosse smiling in their pajama team dress-up.

    Dalton Tiger Report: 4/9 - 4/13

    Bo Peponis
    Both the Girls and Boys Lacrosse teams are off to auspicious starts, picking up wins in their play this week.
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  • Dalton Senior & Squash Team Member Wins Junior National Title

    After a quarter-final upset of top seed player and a semi-final rematch at the Junior National Championships, Daelum Mawji '18 won his first national title defeating a well-matched fellow New Yorker. "He's a great player," Mawji said of his final opponent. "We've been playing each other almost every single tournament over the past two years, so I knew how fit and strong he was. I just had to stick to my game plan and get the job done."
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  • Upcoming Crane Work / Street Closure

    Please be advised of upcoming crane work and street closure on 89th Street, between Park and Lexington Avenues, on April 7 from 6:00 AM - 8:00 PM.
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  • Dalton Athletic Teams Travel to Florida to Prepare for Spring Season

    Varsity and JV Baseball, Boys Varsity Lacrosse, Girls Varsity Lacrosse, and Varsity Softball traveled to Orlando, Florida during Spring Break to prepare for their upcoming season games. The teams trained at ESPN World Wide Sports Complex, a 220-acre athletic complex, located in the Walt Disney World Resort. In addition to daily practices and competitions against schools from across the country, the teams enjoyed many of the nearby attractions and theme parks, including Magic Kingdom, Epcot, and Hollywood Studios.

    Story and photos provided by Sam Bergen
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  • March

    Future Problem Solvers Take Top Awards at State Competition

    Written and Submitted by Sophie Gloeckler and Alicia Reid

    Junior and Middle Division Teams, and Junior Division Individual Competitor Advance to Internationals

    Congratulations to all participants who attended the Future Problem Solvers (FPS) Skit Presentation and Awards Ceremony held at Freeport High School, L.I. on Sunday, March 18. Special thanks to all of the parents who came out to support our teams. Dalton FPS club members have worked hard in this rigorous after-school program, which stimulates critical and creative thinking skills.
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  • Music Students Perform in the Honors Jazz Band Concert

    Middle and High School Music Teachers Jazz Glenn Makos and David Morgan led Dalton music students to perform in the Honors Jazz Band concert of the Independent School Music Association of NYC. The MS and HS Honors bands were composed of students from multiple independent NYC schools and featured four Dalton students selected from student auditions.
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  • Dalton Alum Phil Nussenzweig '07 Shares His Research with Bioethics and Advanced Biology Students

    Phil Nussenzweig, a Dalton alum from the Class of 2007, visited Ron Schollenberger’s Bioethics and Advanced Biology classes for a third year to share his research experiences and the bioethical insights acquired while researching one of the most important and potentially far-reaching biotechnologies discovered to date - the CRISPR-cas9 bacterial immunity/gene editing system.
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  • Expected Construction Activities: 3/10/18 - 4/2/18

    The following summarizes expected construction, including relevant work in front of the 89th Street building. Saturday work is planned for 3/10, 3/17, 3/24 and 3/31.
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  • From left to right, Captains Elise Bousquette, Ema Schumer, and Caleigh Ryan celebrate the victory. Photo c/o Josh Dunst ('18).

    Girls Varsity Basketball Clinches NYSAIS Championship

    William Bousquette
    For the first time, Girls Varsity Basketball won both the Ivy Preparatory League and the New York State Association of Independent Schools in the same season. William Bousquette ('21) recaps the Tigers' thrilling victory in the NYSAIS Championship this past Monday.
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  • Peggy Trotter Dammond Preacely '60 Returns to Dalton to Speak to the High School

    In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday and Black History Month, Dalton's Office of Progressive and Inclusive Practice and the High School administration sponsored the visit of Dalton Alumna Peggy Trotter Dammond Preacely '60.  During the most recent High School assembly, Ms. Preacely offered an autobiographical narrative highlighting her recruitment to Dalton as an African American student in the late 1940s and her emergence as a Civil Rights Activist.
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  • Wrestler Elie Farah '19 Wins NYSAIS State Championship

    The Dalton Wrestling team finished their season with a strong showing at the NYSAIS State Tournament. Four Dalton wrestlers grappled their way into the finals -- Jake Intrater '19, William Swett '18, Jamaal Spence '20, and Elie Farah '19. 
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  • February

    Girls Basketball Team Wins NYSAIS Championship

    Congratulations to the Girls Basketball team for winning the NYSAIS Championship, defeating Masters 49-34 at School of the Holy Child. The Tigers trailed at halftime before coming back and winning the game, holding their opponent to just nine points in the second half. The team finished the season with a 24-2 record. The victory gives the Tigers their second NYSAIS championship in three years. Go Tigers!

    Photos courtesy of Josh Dunst '18
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  • Ema Schumer '18

    Girls Basketball Trio Hits Milestone

    The Girls Basketball team celebrated a remarkable accomplishment this season as Elise Bousquette '18 became the third member of the team to record 1,000 points in her career. Fellow seniors Caleigh Ryan and Ema Schumer reached the milestone achievement earlier this season with Ryan breaking 1,000 points against Packer Collegiate on December 2 and Schumer scoring her 1,000th point on Senior Day against Fieldston on February 9. The three captains have played together since their freshman year, guiding the team to three league championships in four years.
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  • Girls Basketball defeats Poly Prep in NYSAIS Semifinals

    The Girls Basketball team defeated Poly Prep 51-40 in the NYSAIS Tournament Semifinals on Saturday, February 24.

    The Tigers will take on Masters in the NYSAIS Championship game at School of the Holy Child in Rye, NY at 5:00 PM on Monday, February 26. Information will be provided about transportation to the game if needed.

    Come show your support and Go Tigers!
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  • High School Senior Presents at the International Neuropsychological Society Conference

    Krithi Ram-Junnarkar '18 co-presented a paper at the International Neuropsychology Society Conference in Washington, DC. She presented as a member of a neuropsych team from Mount Sinai where she has interned. She's listed as first author on the abstract. Krithi has participated in the Dalton Science Research Program (DSRP) for the past three summers doing neuroscience internships.

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  • Kindergarten Students Learn About Lunar New Year Traditions and Customs

    Kindergarten parents visited classrooms to talk about Lunar New Year celebrations, customs and traditions. Students were shown typical clothing worn by children their same age; they counted in Chinese, made lanterns and learned how everyone is wished good luck, long life and wisdom.
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  • Architecture I. Students Visit WTC Site

    The two classes of Architecture I students went on the annual all-day field trip to the World Trade Center site organized by Architecture and Visual Arts Teacher Emily Wilson. The Architecture I students had a private tour of the Skyscraper Museum and gave presentations on their research projects of early NYC skyscrapers.
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  • High School Architecture and Watercolor Students Visit Philadelphia Museums

    Lotus Do's Watercolor class and Emily Wilson's Art History class joined together to take a field trip to Philadelphia to see the Barnes Collection and the Terracotta Soldiers exhibit at the Franklin Institute. The students learned about Barnes' collection and viewed his vast collection of Impressionist and Modern Art in the relatively new museum designed by NYC Architects Williams and Tsien. The students enjoyed a private tour of the Barnes Collection and independent time to view and sketch the impressive collection. After the Barnes, the students enjoyed the exhibit/IMAX theater on the Terracotta soldiers at the Franklin Institute.

    Story and photos submitted by Architecture and Visual Arts Teacher Emily Wilson
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  • Photo c/o Lucinda Bhavsar

    Dalton Tiger Report: 2/12-2/16

    Bryson Wiese
    Dalton Squash capped off its best season in school history with an impressive showing at Nationals.
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  • Boys & Girls Basketball Win Ivy Championships

    Congratulations to both the Boys Basketball and Girls Basketball teams for winning Ivy League Championships.  The Boys Basketball team is enjoying one of their best seasons, finishing 13-1 in the Ivy League.  This is the first league title in 25 years for the team. The Girls Basketball team finished 11-1 in the Ivy League. This is third Ivy League Title in four years for the Tigers.
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  • Construction Update for Neighbors - March 15 at 6:30 PM

    Please join Dalton's Head of School, our architects, and project manager to receive an update on the upcoming construction schedule and planned building activities expected to begin on March 12 and continue over the summer. 
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  • Dalton Parli Team at Columbia: (left to right) Mr. Forbes, Hart Rapaport (’18), Davey Morse (’18), Grant Gordon (’18), Avi Mehta (’21), Alex Lehman (’19), Claire Marchand (’20), Eeshan Tripathi (’19), Ms. Norris; not pictured: Tyler Azzam (’18), Daniel Marsala (’18)

    Dalton Parliamentary Debate (Parli) Team Advances to Semifinals

    The Dalton Parliamentary Debate (Parli) Team attended the Ivy League Championship Tournament, hosted by Columbia University. All nine debaters from Dalton participated in the Varsity division, which comprised a competitive group of students from across the tri-state area. Team heads Davey Morse '18 and Grant Gordon '18 advanced to the Varsity semifinals, and Gordon was recognized as the 7th best speaker.
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  • Dalton Science Olympiad Team Earns 6th Place and Advances to State Tournament

    The Science Olympiad team finished 6th out of 62 teams at the NYC Regional Science Olympiad competition. This finish earned the team an invitation to the State Tournament. Three Dalton teams competed in 26 different science and engineering events. Fifteen students medaled (top 10) in 12 different events.

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  • Members of the 2017-2018 Dalton Swimming team. Photo c/o Bo Peponis.

    Dalton Tiger Report: 2/5-2/9

    Emilio Vicioso
    Dalton Swimming exceeded expectations in its final meet of the winter season. The performance was highlighted by the girls' second place finish overall in the 200 Yard Freestyle Relay and by the boys' fourth place finish in the Ivy Meet. 
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  • Dalton MS & HS Students Awarded in NYC Scholastic Art & Writing Competition

    Every year, Dalton students submit artworks and various forms of writing to the NYC Scholastic Art & Writing Awards achieving outstanding results. 2018 was no exception, with six Gold Keys and eight Silver Keys awarded in Art, and seven Gold Keys and ten Silver Keys in Writing categories. 67 students in all won awards including 35 Honorable Mentions.
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  • Dalton Middle School Math Team

    Dalton Math Team in Top 5 of Manhattan and Qualifies for State Mathcounts Tourney

    10 Dalton Middle School Math Team students were selected to compete in the NYC tournament based on their Mathcounts school competition and AMC8 scores. They competed with a total of 400 students city-wide, from public and independent schools. The team earned the right to advance to the State tournament in March. Eighth-grader Jake Berg came in third individually in the combined Sprint and Target rounds, and in second place individually in the Countdown round.
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  • Guest Speaker for HS Bioethics Students

    Joseph Fins, MD -- Professor of Medical Ethics; Chief, Division of Medical Ethics and Professor of Medicine; Professor of Medical Ethics in Neurology and Professor of Medicine in Psychiatry at Weill Cornell Medical College and Co-Director, CASBI-Consortium for the Advanced Study of Brain Injury at Weill Cornell and Rockefeller University -- treated eleventh and twelfth graders in Ron Schollenberger's Bioethics class to a lively, thought-provoking discussion. Dr. Fins shared the experiences and insights he gained from his many years of research studying the nature of human consciousness and various medical disorders of consciousness such as the Vegetative State, the Minimally Conscious State and Locked-In Syndrome. 
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  • January

    The "Runaway Tortilla" comes to FP Spanish!

    After a unit study on foods, Dr. Campos’ 6th grade Spanish class put on a puppet performance of La Tortilla Corredora/The Runaway Tortilla for Sra. D’Ecclesiis Grade 2 Spanish class. This story is a folktale similar to the Gingerbread Man. The Grade 6 students studied the importance of tortillas in Latin American cultures as well as its history. House 25 read "La tortilla de Burro" and discussed the ingredients and the process of making fresh tortillas, to get ready for a puppet show prepared by the Grade 6 Spanish students. As a culminating project, students also presented cooking videos with tortillas as their inspiration for their recipe! 
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  • Advanced Poetry Student Authors Share Their Writing

    The students from the Advanced Poetry Writing classes shared some of their work from the semester. In the words of Mr. Hood, as he introduced the event, "The relentlessly honest about the human condition. It is sometimes poets speaking from their own lives, with a very raw personal honestly, it's sometimes the poet creating a character." He further explained that both methods are ways of trying to access feeling for the reader. The appreciative audience was sizable and included a number of Creative Writing Program alums. Twelve poets shared their work.

    Story and photos provided by High School English Teacher and Creative Writing Program Coordinator Chris Hood
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  • Upcoming Crane Work / Street Closure

    Please be advised of upcoming crane work and street closure on 89th Street, between Park and Lexington Avenues, on February 17 from 6:00 AM - 8:00 PM.

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  • Robotics Update - a Banner Season

    The Dalton Robotics teams are having a banner season so far. The high school has five FIRST Tech Challenge teams that compete in a new robot game every year. This year the challenge is Indiana Jones themed and involves stacking large foam cubes in patterns to make pictographs, using color sensors and computer vision to find scoring elements, and carefully reaching out several feet to place a golden idol into a scoring zone.
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  • Expected Weekend Construction Activities: 1/20/18 & 1/27/18

    The following summarizes expected construction work in front of the 89th Street building over the next two Saturdays (January 20 and 27).

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  • Jake Intrater ('19) pinning his opponent during the 2015-2016 season. Photo c/o Lulu Saghie ('19).

    Dalton Tiger Report: 1/8-1/12

    Rebecca Solomon
    In its first match of the new year, the Dalton wrestling team struggled against Horace Mann. Despite the loss, members of the team had noteworthy performances.
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  • Dalton Senior Carisa Shah - Winner of the 2018 NCWIT Award for Aspirations in Computing

    Senior Wins National Awards for Girls in Tech Anti-Bullying Curriculum

    Senior Carisa Shah was selected as a 2018 National winner of the NCWIT (National Center for Women & Information Technology) Award for Aspirations in Computing given each year to tech motivated girls with outstanding achievements. The award was based on her bullying curriculum and website designed to help keep motivated girls in tech.
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  • Grade 9 Biology Teachers and New Lab Collaborate

    Microscopes are a staple in the world of science. Instead of using them in the traditional capacity, where one student at a time peers into the eyepiece to observe a specimen, Grade 9 Biology teachers in conjunction with New Lab for Teaching and Learning (Dalton's Technology Department) have moved to a collaborative microscopy experience using a microscope coupled with a digital camera and iPad.
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  • Upcoming Crane Work and December Meeting Recap

    In late January or early February, we anticipate a one-day street closure on 89th Street between Lexington and Park Avenue for necessary crane work.  Please review the recap of our December Neighborhood Meeting if you were unable to attend.

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