The Dalton Dance program immerses students in the process of dance,

both as a physical discipline and as a creative and performing art. Our classes are designed to attract not only dancers and dance aficionados, but also athletes wanting to move with greater ease and efficiency and actors desiring more expressive movement qualities. We aim to educate, to inspire, and to create both movers and viewers.

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  • Still From Grades 7 & 8 DanceWave Video - 2017

    DanceWave 2017 Pays Homage to Paul Taylor's "Esplanade"

    Last Spring our Grades 7 & 8 dance students created "Promenade" a dance film inspired by the modern dance classic "Esplanade" by Paul Taylor. Students choreographed and performed their version of this exuberant dance, under the guidance of Dalton dance faculty Joanna Brotman and Blake Pearson, with guest filmmaker Greg Keras.

    Submitted by Joanna Brotman
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  • DanceWave - 2017

    Dance students in Grades 7 & 8 pay tribute to Paul Taylor's "Esplanade"

  • DTW Selects - 2017
  • DTW Complete - 2017
  • Dalton High School Dance Theater Workshop Highlights
  • 7th & 8th Grade Flash Mob 2017
  • Middle School DanceWAVE - Compilation
  • Dance From the 6th Grade Greek Festival
  • DanceWAVE 2016: Swing Through the Decades…
  • Dance at Dalton
  • Dalton Dance
  • East Side Story - DanceWAVE Video - 2014
  • Swing Dance FlashMob - 2014

    Joanna Brotman and Blake Pearson's Seventh and Eighth Grade dance students broke into a Swing Dance Flash Mob in the style of the Harlem Renaissance during Playstreet in February! The Flashmob culminated the dancers' study of the complex rhythms and unique style of this period in dance history, in which dancers expressed their individuality in response to the vitality of the Jazz music of the time. With choreography by international swing dance expert Nathan Bugh, this was a celebration of Black History Month.

  • danceWAVE - 2013
  • Dalton Export: Opus Jazz - 7th and 8th Grade Dance

    Choreographed and performed by eighty 7th and 8th grade dance students 

    Inspired by the choreography of Jerome Robbins and the film NY Export: Opus Jazz
    Artistic Director - Joanna Brotman with Blake Pearson
    Directed by Naren Henry '05 & Cypris Megias

  • 4th and 5th Grade Open Dance Classes

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