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Living in A Sketchbook

The following is an excerpt of an article by Dalton student, Orli Hakanoglu. Read the complete article in the next issue of the Daltonian.


Students already hurrying to the library to get some work done will that the entire vestibule in front of the High School Library has been transformed: it is now decorated with the black and white artwork of David Macaulay, last year’s Original Mind Scholar at Dalton.


The expansive area including the double height ceiling provides an excellent canvas for Mr. Macaulay’s work. All five surfaces are covered with joyful and eye-catching drawings of objects, characters, designs, text and more, some of which are adapted from the artist’s numerous books many of us have grown up reading.


Art teacher Robert Meredith asked Mr. Macaulay if he would be interested in leaving a visual mark on the school after a year of close work with students and faculty. The original idea was at a much smaller scale: something in the form of a wall sketch or drawing, as a tribute to the sketchbook project that the whole school was involved in last year. “The idea was to recreate the look of a sketchbook; to have lots of different images all drawn fairly loosely,” explained Macaulay.