About the Arts at Dalton

Creativity and self-expression are at the core of a Dalton education.

The school's philosophy is premised on first-hand experience, and this is the foundation of the Arts at Dalton. The dance, drama, music, and visual arts departments express the soul of the Dalton program. With the Performing Arts Center, the Martin Theater, and extensive dance, visual, and media arts studios, the school offers its students access to outstanding facilities. However, the true strength of the arts program comes from the faculty - professionals in their fields. These teachers guide and educate the students with the utmost dedication and enthusiasm, always sharing the personal passions that brought them to careers in the arts.

Each course provides a non-competitive environment where students can shed their inhibitions, expand their focus, discover a talent, and find their voice. It is not surprising that so many students dedicate a large portion of their time and energy to the arts. High School students often discover that what begins as a requirement for graduation ends as one of the defining features of their Dalton career. Each year, nearly a third of the school's graduating seniors choose seminar-based independent programs in Visual Arts, Music, Theatre, and Dance. These Senior Projects often lead to community-wide exhibitions and performances that herald the central role of the arts in our school. Students' artistic achievements - realized through rigorous, in-depth work - often parallel, integrate, and synthesize the academic experiences that have shaped and informed their careers at Dalton.

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  • Bestiary of Endangered Animals

    Bestiary of Endangered Animals - HS Drawing 2 Class

  • 7th Grade Painting, Collage & Assemblage - 3

    Middle and High School Display Their Artistry

  • "Mi Gente"

    Dance Theater Workshop - 2020 - "Mi Gente"

  • "Shelter In Space"

    Dance Theater Workshop - 2020 - "Shelter In Space"

  • Pre-COVID (Approximately One Million Years Ago)

    Dance Theater Workshop - 2020 "Pre-COVID Rehearsals (Approximately 1 Million Years Ago)"

    Pre-COVID (Approximately One Million Years Ago)

  • "Apart Together"

    Dance Theater Workshop - 2020 "Apart Together"

  • Dalton HS Play 2020 - Guys and Dolls - 101 of 175

    High School Play Performance 2020 - Guys and Dolls

  • Artwork created by Ms. Bowen’s art class is currently on display in the left side lobby showcase at 89th Street!

  • Collages created by Ms. Hanauer's 4th-grade art students currently on display in the right side lobby showcase at 89th Street!

  • Students Learn the Traditional Technique of Indian Woodblock Printing - 18

    Students Learn the Traditional Technique of Indian Woodblock Printing

  • Vivien Collens Visit - 19 of 30

    Artist Vivien Collens Leads Interactive Project with High School Students

  • DanceWAVE 2019: Dances of 100 Years Ago!

    DanceWAVE 2019: Dances of 100 Years Ago!

  • DTW Rehearsals - 2019 - 36 of 82

    DTW Rehearsals - 2019

  • DTW - Dress Rehearsal - 2019 - 69 of 253

    DTW - 2019

  • HS Spring Concert 2019 - 21 of 80

    HS Spring Concert 2019

  • Papermaking Class

    A Lesson in Papermaking

  • Turking Marbling - 7 of 32

    The Art of Turkish Marbling

  • Black Rock Forest Retreat 2019

  • March, 14, 2019

    Middle School Spring Chorus Assembly 2019

  • Innov Gnawa Moroccan Musical Group - 17 of 17

    Innov Gnawa - Musicians Performing Moroccan Traditional Chants

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