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The Dalton Athletics program offers a wide array of sports;

students are encouraged to make selections based upon their abilities and interests. Dalton’s athletic program sponsors more than fifty interscholastic teams for grades seven through twelve and is one of the largest and most diverse among independent schools in New York City.

Dalton’s commitment to its sports program extends beyond its walls. Dalton was one of the founding schools of the Manhattan Private Middle School League and the Girls Independent Schools Athletic League. The school is also a member of the prestigious Ivy League of Preparatory Schools, an eight-team league that includes the premier athletic and academic institutions in the metropolitan area.
The success of Dalton’s sports program has drawn praise from its peers as well as from the media. A measure of this success is that many of its athletes have continued their athletic careers at the collegiate level.

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  • Coaches

    Dalton’s athletic staff consists of a group of dedicated individuals, many of whom have played or coached at the collegiate level. Proud of the school’s athletic success, Dalton coaches tie the athletic program closely to the school’s educational philosophy and view it as an opportunity to incorporate The Dalton Plan and its goals into the students’ athletic experiences. The coaches and staff are strongly committed to the health and development of every individual student, helping each achieve a positive experience. Coaches instill the values of ethics, teamwork, and sportsmanship as they simultaneously teach their young athletes how to balance their academic needs with their physical and emotional growth. This special coaching legacy and its hands-on approach with each individual student make Dalton’s athletic program truly unique.
  • Facilities

    Considered to be one of the finest indoor athletic complexes in Manhattan, Dalton’s state-of-the-art Physical Education Center is located at 200 East 87th Street. The 32,000 square-foot facility Houses two gymnasiums, one that can accommodate up to five hundred spectators; a wrestling and aerobics room; a weight and fitness center; coaches’ office; a sports medicine office; locker facilities and classrooms. The outdoor sports teams utilize the soccer and baseball fields, track, and tennis courts at Randall’s Island. The swim team uses the AquaCenter at Asphalt Green.
The Dalton athletic program competes at the highest level of interscholastic competition while emphasizing the values of teamwork, sportsmanship, and individual growth.

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