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Dalton's elementary Spanish program began in the fall of 2014 with Kindergarten students. In 2015 we added the first grade, and the second grade in 2016. Next year (2017) we will complete the sequence with our third graders!
Starting their language learning journey at the entry point of the school's K-12 World and Classical Languages program, our Kindergarteners play, create, experiment and sing in Spanish for 30 minutes daily in a culturally rich and communicative program. Students in grades 1-3 have Spanish classes four days/week for 25 minutes.

Dalton's is a content-based FLES (Foreign Language in the Elementary School) model

in which students come to language class for a specific amount of time each day and learn the language through content (in our case, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math).

FLES is beneficial because it:
  • reinforces concepts from other disciplines;
  • increases awareness of other cultures, peoples and languages;
  • strengthens knowledge of first language - especially vocabulary and grammar;
  • FLES is easy and fun for young learners.
Along with learning vocabulary, communicative structures, and cultures of the Spanish-speaking world, students do hands-on experiments, discuss science concepts, create art – all in Spanish! This kind of content-based learning is considered best practice by researchers and supported by our national professional organization, ACTFL (the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages).
Our aim in the program is to build communicative proficiency, cultural understanding, and to instill a love of languages from an early age!

Latest Language News

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  • Mandarin Classes Celebrate the Year-End

    The 7th grade Mandarin class enjoyed learning about food through role-playing, menu design, and recipe making. The students learned how to read a Chinese menu, order food in Mandarin, bargain in the market in Mandarin, write a recipe in Chinese, and make a recipe video in Mandarin.
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  • 8th Grade Spanish Students Put on Puppet Show

  • Student Demonstrates Recipe in Virtual Mandarin Cooking Class

    Student Demonstrates Recipe in Virtual Mandarin Cooking Class

  • Hispanic Art Challenge - 1 of 55

    Spanish Classes Participate in Art-at-Home Photo Challenge

  • Chinese New Year Celebration - 57 of 63

    Chinese New Year Celebration

  • Engineering ¡En Español! - 16

    Engineering ¡En Español!

  • Mandarin-Class-Guzheng

    Mandarin Students Learn to Play The Guzheng

  • Mandarin Students Learn Chinese Folktale, Hu Gu Pó

  • Taco Tuesday Competition

    Taco Tuesday

    Taco Tuesday Competition

  • Police Commander Luis Despaigne Visits Houses 23 and 24 - 11 of 30

    Former NYPD Commander/Dalton Security Director Discusses Police Work en español with Houses 23 and 24

  • Grade 6 French Students - Food and Poetry

    Grade 6 French Students - Food and Poetry

  • Monday, February 25

    Former NYPD Commander/Dalton Security Director Discusses Police Work en español with H24

    Monday, February 25

  • FRIDA 2018 - 1

    Frida Kahlo Day

  • Intercultural Exchange with Puerto Rico

  • Language and Culture Taco Wars

  • LENGUA Y CULTURA - Momentos especiales

  • February 8, 2018  - Jeffrey Wasserstrom

    High School Assembly: Jeffery Wasserstrom

  • The Runaway Tortilla - 11

    The Runaway Tortilla

  • The Runaway Tortilla

    The Runaway Tortilla

  • FLES Fest - 2017 - 16

    FLES Fest - 2017

  • Argentine Study in Ms. Berman - 2

    Argentine Teacher Orients 5th Grade Spanish Students

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