High School

Welcome to our High School! At its core, the Dalton High School focuses on advancing each student's intellect by engaging and inspiring innovative and resilient young people to develop independence and take responsibility for their learning experience.  As Director of the High School,  I am honored to work alongside our exceptional faculty and administrators as we guide our diverse student body through a formative period in their intellectual, ethical and emotional development.  Dalton high school students are defined by their impressive breadth of intellectual curiosity, depth of content knowledge in areas of particular interest, and their ability to form meaningful relationships with faculty and peers.  It is at the High School level that the Dalton Plan, anchored in the principles and practice of "House," "Assignment" and "Lab" reaches its full evolution.  At Dalton, high school students have the unique opportunity to delve deeply into their studies in individual conversations with their teachers that occur throughout the week.  The relationships between students and faculty are strengthened by this approach to academic discourse and the shared pursuit of greater understanding. 
Along with the high school's rigorous academics, Dalton is equally committed to the expansion of awareness of self and others.   It produces students of strong moral character and strengthens the instinct and ability to build community.  We encourage academic, artistic and athletic excellence while expecting our students to self-advocate within a community defined by acts of civic engagement, kindness, and social justice.  We believe that education is even more relevant at a time when the transfer of knowledge is not tied to location. As a progressive school, Dalton engages eagerly within a traditional physical classroom, across multiple online platforms, and through a plethora of global educational opportunities.
As Director of Dalton's dynamic, progressive secondary school, I work with our community to encourage our students to take risks, dream big and seek change. I urge you to explore our website and examine the breadth and scope of the high school curriculum as well as the countless extra-curricular opportunities that our school offers young people.  I can attest to the exceptional level of scholarship and vitality that pervades our high school community, but it is best to experience it yourself.  Please contact us directly to see for yourself why Dalton high school students graduate from Dalton embodying our motto, "Go forth unafraid." 

Celeste Morgan Herrera
Director of the High School
(K-3) 53 East 91st Street, New York, NY 10128
(212) 423-5463

(4-12) 108 East 89th Street, New York, NY 10128
(212) 423-5262