Co-Curricular Activities

Service Learning

~ Helen Parkhurst from "Education on The Dalton Plan"

Service and co-operation are what we need to solve our great political and social problems to-day, and synthetic education that will provide that large and comprehensive outlook which will make these virtues a habit of thought and a practice of life.

Since Dalton's earliest days, service learning has been an integral part of the school.

The mission of the Dalton's Community Service and Service-Learning Program is to inspire social responsibility and civic leadership through an experiential, interdisciplinary series of projects and community partnerships that place students in real-world contexts where they can apply classroom knowledge with reflective practice.

First Program

As part of Community Service and Service-Learning at First Program, our youngest learners begin to understand that their actions can strengthen and impact our community. House Advisors integrate meaningful service through curricular instruction and reflection. Students develop empathy and a sense of shared responsibility as they seek to actively and creatively respond to the needs of others.

Middle School

Community service has always been an integral part of a Dalton education. House Advisors work closely with the Service-Learning Chairs in the Middle School to develop sustained relationships with the school community and outside organizations that provide students with an opportunity to engage with service work and also reflect upon that work in House. These vital volunteer opportunities not only help solidify our school community but also reinforce our understanding of our connection with society at large.

High School

High School students' commitment to community service and service-learning builds upon their First Program and Middle School experiences. In High School, students are encouraged to foster partnerships within and outside of Dalton, to further their active engagement in the community. By graduation, a Dalton student will have an understanding of the value of empathy, compassion, and caring as the basis for civic responsibility.

List of 2 members.

  • Alaina Alvarez 

    Director of Global and Community Engagement
  • Melissa Soleimani 

    High School Program Coordinator
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