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Serving as the final repository for its historical records, the Dalton School Archives’ mission is to appraise, collect, organize and preserve materials of enduring value that document the history and organization of the Dalton School since its founding by Helen Parkhurst in 1919, with the goal of providing access to members of the school's community as well as to outside researchers interested in the impact of the School and its graduates.

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  • Access to Archival Records

    The Archives supports knowledge and understanding of the history, philosophy, and mission of the Dalton School. The Dalton School Archives abides by Federal and State laws, and school policies of access, while balancing researchers’ need for information.

    • The Dalton School Archives are open to the Dalton School community and outside researchers by appointment. 
    • Researchers work must be endorsed by a representative and must be relevant to the archival mission
    • Materials do not circulate or leave the Archives except with permission of the Archivist or a representative designated by the Archivist.
    • Researchers are responsible for safeguarding material made available to them.
    • Permission to use restricted records must be obtained from the Archivist and an officer from the department of origin with the endorsement of the administration
    • Duplication of any materials is done by the staff only and at the discretion of the Archivist.
    • All duplication may be subject to a fee.

    Permission to publish material from the Archives must be obtained in writing prior to publication. It is the responsibility of researchers to obtain copyright on such material prior to publication if necessary, understanding that The Dalton School may not hold copyright on all items in the Archives.
  • Restriction Policy

    The Dalton School’s archival records–other than widely distributed records, such as school publications and publicity materials–will remain closed for a period of 20 years from the date of their creation unless the office of origin has designated a shorter period.

    An exception to this policy is Dalton School Board of Trustees records are closed for 50 years.

    At this time, the Archives does not hold student and personnel records.

    During the period of restriction, records will be available only to the current Head of School, the office of origin, and the Dalton School Archives staff. Access by others will be given consideration when a written request is presented to the Archivist and written approval has been obtained from the appropriate individual in the office of origin or the Head of School.

    Records will be made available in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Dalton School Archives and Federal and State regulations governing access to student and other records.
  • Collection Policy

    Broadly stated, the Dalton School Archives collects records documenting Dalton School activities, functions, decisions, and/or policies and programs. Materials come to the Archives internally from administration, faculty, staff, and students, and externally from individual donors.

  • Digital Copyright and Citation Information

    The Dalton School Archives digital collection has been made available for educational and research use only. For these purposes, you may make one copy for personal use. This copy may not be sold, loaned, copied or published without the express permission of The Dalton School Archives. For any other use in any medium, you must contact the Archives staff at archives@dalton.org.
    The Dalton School makes no representation that they are the owner of the copyright for all the material on this website. Any researcher wishing to make use of any archival item must therefore assume all responsibility for clearing reproduction rights and for any infringement of Title 17 of the United States Code.
    When using material from The Dalton School Archive, please acknowledge its source by clearly stating the name of the original author/photographer, title, publisher, date and other publication information as known. You must also acknowledge The Dalton School Archive as the digital publisher. Be as specific as possible, including the URL (Web address).
    For information on citing Internet resources, see The Dalton High School Library Citation Guides.
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