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  • Goldstein House Good Giant Biographies

    Goldstein House Good Giant Biographies

    The Good Giant Biographies were created by the 4th grade Goldstein House.
    Each Giant has a helpful trait or power that is used for good to help others.

    Klikjhs by Wes
    Good Trait: Tech Giant

    Description: He has brown hair, bangs, and is 14 feet tall with 4 legs.

    Favorite Things: He likes to do tech stuff and fixes viruses. He also loves sports and cool music. 

    The Big (Good) Bulldozer by Jai
    Good Trait: Brain power

    Description: 50 feet tall, bald, always wears a hard hat 20 feet wide

    Favorite Things: He likes to move big objects, build things, and wreck things

    Sasha the Helping Giant by Hazel
    Good Trait: helps people; influencer

    Description: 10 ft tall, bleach blond hair w/ streaks of pastel purple that goes to her waist, white skin with naturally crimson cheeks

    Favorite Things: She has a fashion store and helps people find their style. She loves to bake and cook, especially cookies.

    Hubi the Helpful by Aby and Alex
    Good Trait: Strong, funny, and helpful

    Description: Gray skin, very tall neon green hair, 4 arms, and tall for a giant.

    Favorite Things: rock climbing, tennis, helping people in need 
    He saved a bridge from falling with his strength and much more.

    Kindey Winey uwu Tiney 
    by India, Layla, Charlie, and Melissa
    Good Trait: Kindness

    Description: Blue hair, light pink skin, hot pink ears, and blue eyebrows

    Favorite Things: Hug people and be nice, She likes to sing "all about meee" by India Deason it warms people's heart when she sings. She loves money and candy.
        Kindey Winey uwu Tiney loved children and people. She loved to hug them because when she was a little girl she was abandoned by her parents. She was all alone until two kids found her. They were very nice to her, the two kids gave her food and water and a good sized bed. But once Kindey Winey uwu Tiney was too big for them to take care of her, she left, but every time she sees a person or kid, she hugs them because they were so nice to her!

    Heidi by Fiona
    Good Trait: Empathy

    Description: Tiny is pink with a white stomach and is always wearing a top hat.

    Favorite Things:

    Ms. Plum by Keon
    Good Trait: Helpful

    Description: Small for a giant. She is a young, slim, and cute woman giant who finds the positive things in life. She almost never has a blank face. She has 6 slim arms and pale pink skin.

    Favorite Things:She loves to help people who hike around her house deep in the hills. She sometimes goes too far helping the person until she has nothing more to help them with.
        She is a Single mother to 473,783,275 children who have all moved out. Her husband left because it was hard for him to support all the children.

    Ally by Addie
    Good Trait: Allyship

    Description: Ally is very short for a giant, around eight feet. Her skin is dark brown, and her hair is ghostly white. she has big red eyes, and bee stung lips, which are usually painted the same fire red as her eyes.

    Favorite Things: Ally loves to stand in solidarity with people who are protesting for their rights, no matter what they look like, or what pronouns they use. 

    Grogg by Nathan and Doc
    Good Trait: Donating

    Description: Grogg is stubby with 4 arms, all for donating. He has a head the size of Jupiter. Grogg is Polish and sad about the loss to France in the World Cup. He lives in a black hole in the corner of the universe.

    Favorite Things: Taking walks to mars and back, donating
        Grogg is Polish and sad about their loss to France in the World Cup. He is stubby with a brain the size of Jupiter and 4 arms, all for donating money. He lives in a Black Hole in the corner of the universe, with Alex's boogers and Alex (they get along well,Well duh, their his!) Grogg takes occasional walks to mars and donates to the local aliens. He takes earth into his Black Hole, this is when lunar eclipses happen. (don't listen to those scientists all they do is make guesses and call them "theories") 

    Optomissssssssy by Richard
    Good Trait: Optimistic

    Description: long black hair, only 2 and a half feet tall, 1 eye and if you look at it you become optimistic, neon light orange skin

    Favorite Things: Optomissssy loves lights. She likes lights because she loves to look at the bright side of things. She also loves dogs. She likes dogs because dogs are on the bright side to cats. She also loves eating. 
        One day she saw a dog that was bright. Turns out the dog later became what we call the first nebula. Then she liked nebula but hated space. She hated space because it was dark. Dark things are scary but bright things are scarier. But of course Elves are so much scarier. 

    Mechro by Tae
    Good Trait: He fixes all the broken things in the village.

    Description: He has 8 arms and each has a tool attached such as a hammer, a screwdriver, and much more. He has gray hair, is blue colored and is nine feet tall.

    Favorite Things: He loves to open up electronic devices, tinker with them, and then put them back together.
        When Mechro was a kid, he was made fun of due to his unique arms and size. He decided to put them to use and fixed broken things. Soon, all the people in his school liked him and he was happily ever after.

    Barb the Giant by Sophie
    Good Trait: Being Kind and ALWAYS happy

    Description: Barb The Giant has 2 large arms and legs, she has 2 eyes, 1 nose, 1 giant smile, 10 fingers and toes, light pink skin, and straight white hair.

    Favorite Things: Barb The Giant loves to always have a huge smile on her face, and when she is meeting someone she likes to make a good first impression.
        One bright summer day, Barb the giant was walking across the beach when she saw a family  playing beach volleyball. Barb The Giant was admiring their amazing skills and how good at beach volleyball they were, when their ball went into the ocean! Barb The Giant then saw the family scolding each other and accusing each other, yelling about who made the volleyball fall into the ocean. Hearing the family argue made Barb The Giant so sad she felt like she was about to cry! Barb The Giant didn't want to butt into their business but she did think that she could get their volleyball back. When Barb The Giant was 18 years old, she was driving her car when she saw a teenager trying to get a ride. Barb The Giant saw that the teenager had on a Harvard sweatshirt on and had heard many great things about that "Law School/ College", so Barb The Giant decided to ask the teenager if he wanted a ride. When Barb asked the teenager if he had wanted a ride, he said "yes! Thank you so much! all of the others spoke another language or something." Barb The Giant said " it's no problem!" Barb The Giant then found out that the teenagers family sold a sporting goods store and Barb The Giant thought that was so cool! Anyways... Barb The Giant decided that she was going to go up to that family and ask them if they had wanted another ball and thought that it was so nice that she asked! The family was so happy that they cried of joy, while Barb The Giant was handing them many towels after they soaked all of the ones that they had owned. Barb then called the Harvard student and asked him for one volleyball and he said that he is sending someone to give it to her right now! Ten minutes later Barb The Giant got the volleyball from the worker and handed it to the family. The family said thank you and Barb The Giant said you're welcome, and then Barb The Giant went on her way.
  • Smeltzer House Good Giant Biographies

    Smeltzer House Good Giant Biographies

    The Good Giant Biographies were created by the 4th grade Smeltzer House.
    Each Giant has a helpful trait or power that is used for good to help others.

    Liv the Loyal Giant by Emma and Ella
    Good Trait: Loyalty

    Description: Regular sized girl with blue eyes blonde hair 

    Favorite Things: Love to stay and support friends
    Liv the Loyal Giant
    Liv the loyal giant has blonde hair that sparkles like glitter. Her blue eyes are as pretty as the sky. Liv has five hands to greet everyone at the same time. She makes sure that everyone has an equal amount of her time and she loves to talk, talk, and talk. Liv can't leave someone without seeing a smile on their face. Liv is very small for a giant, she’s the height of a really tall basketball player. In Livs spare time she loves to read books and snuggle in her bed.

    A basic day in the life of Liv the loyal giant. In the morning she wakes up and greets everyone in her neighborhood with her five hands. Next she goes inside and eats her breakfast. After she’s done she makes sure to call all her friends at the same time to check in and make sure they're okay. Then she goes outside and meets her friends and tries to make new ones with them. Later she goes to lunch with all the new friends that she’s made. At the end of the day she invites all her friends over new and old to have a really fun sleepover.

    Da Tooter by Max, Julian, and Branden
    Good Trait: Teaching and spreading gas

    Description: Big fat hairy body filled with gas, ugly, Fartastic, and young.

    Favorite Things: Fart and teach
    Da tooter is a young, fartastic, ugly, giant. He teaches kids and always farts and teaches kids what kind of gas it is. His students call him Da Tooter, that is how he got his name. Every day he comes into his classroom and his students say DA TOOTER!!! He loves his students just the way they are and he is happy to be Da Tooter.

    Welcomina by Zoe
    Good Trait: Hospitality, Welcoming

    Description: Hair always in two messy pig tails that are Pink with different highlights. 6 stories tall. Big blue eyes. Huge dark pink lips. 

    Favorite Things: Have people stay over and make them stay with her for life.

    The Helper by Eli
    Good Trait: Helpful

    Description: 6 arms (for helping more people at once), green skin, copper-colored hair, copper-colored mustache, 2 legs, muscles

    Favorite Things: The Helper loves to help people. He has a store in the town where he sells many different kinds of food, and he invites people to ask him for help. These are the Helper's favorite things to do.
    A day in  the life of The Giant Helper
    By: Eli
    The Helper is a helpful giant who lives in the town of Appleville. On June 26, 2022, a townsperson named John Andre came to The Helper’s shop to ask for help. John said “I was just at Vickey’s Hardware to buy six large iron buckets to fill with water at the river and bring home.” “Well, why have you come to ask me for help? It does not seem like you need it.”, said The Helper. “Well, I cannot carry even two of those buckets at once — I can only carry one at a time! And if I fill them with water, then I can not carry even one.”, said John. “So what are you asking of me?” replied The Helper. “To help me carry them, of course.”

    Isack the Ice Cream Man 
    by Tristan, Jeremy, and Tucker
    Good Trait: Comforting and optimistic

    Description: His hair is short brown, he has big eyes, and a small comforting smile. He’s made out of different ice cream flavors and toppings like sprinkles, chocolate, etc.

    Favorite Things: My Giant loves giving people ice cream with his friend Smeary Sprinkles and comforts people

    Smeary Sprinkles by Tristan, Jeremy, and Tucker
    Good Trait: Optimistic and friendly

    Description: His hair is sprinkles, and his body is covered with sprinkles and so are his eyes, eyebrows, mouth and nose. His hair is short. He has long arms perfect for hugging and giving high fives. Smeary has 3 pairs of arms so he can do his specialty simultaneously. His body is made out of frozen whipped cream mixed with chocolate and syrup.

    Favorite Things: Smeary Sprinkles loves to give high fives, gives lots of hugs, and says a lot of encouraging words to get peoples hopes up. He does this a lot with Isaac the Ice cream man. This is his specialty.
    One day Smeary Sprinkles and Isaac the Ice cream man were making a special winter recipe for fall. It was very challenging and Isaac had a very tough time serving so many people. The recipe was "Awesome Apple Pie!" Issac got very nervous when he had 10 orders on hold. Smeary kept encouraging him and saying "C'mon!" "You got this!" "Keep going!!" When he finally finished, Smeary gave Isaac a big embrace.

    The Sanitation Saint by Tristan, Jeremy, and Tucker
    Good Trait: Cleanliness

    Description: My giant wears a bandana, he is so big he carries the garbage truck to school, he has a scraggly beard, he wears a blue shirt, and a belt filled with cleaning supplies 

    Favorite Things: He loves to do community service and he is a janitor at chubby giants nursery school.

    Johnson the Safety by Arav and Spencer
    Good Trait: Protective

    Description: Blue and purple jersey, gray shoulder pads, white skin, and purple and blue helmet. 

    Favorite Things: Protect Minneapolis and New York, Block Bombs, Pick Bullets and tackle enemies 
    He was a player for the New York Vikings from 1937-2069. When he retired he became a 72 foot giant because he fell into a vat of radioactive goo. Over the next 500,000,000,000,000,000 seconds he became well known because of his catching, blocking, and tackling. 

    Bubbly Olivia by Avery
    Good Trait: Supportive, Proud of friends

    Description: Curly brown hair. Shorter than most giants. Dark skin, dark blue eyes but not to dark. Not too light pink lips with long eyelashes. She has two arms and two legs. 

    Favorite Things: My giant loves to be happy and support her friends and family no matter what.
    A regular day in the life of Olivia. Olivia would wake up stretch and then make her bed and clean her room. Then she would look at the window and greet her next door neighbors like she would do every day! Olivia was always smiling. Olivia went downstairs to go get her breakfast. Olivia took her time and made pancakes, she asked her friends and neighbors if they would like any and they said yes. Olivia spent 40 minutes making pancakes for everybody who wanted them. Olivia walked around the neighborhood handing out pancakes, it made her so happy.

    Then Olivia would visit her friend and listen. When her friend said let's talk about you she would say no this is about you. Olivia loved making people happy so she helped anyone out when they needed it.

    It started to become dark when Olovia finished helping everyone out so she decided to make dinner and share it with everyone again. Then before going to sleep Olivia talked to her friends again. Then she went to sleep and repeated the same thing the day after.

    Mrs. Silver by Annika
    Good Trait: Optimistic

    Description: Mrs. Silver has long silver hair put into braids. She has a huge face and green eyes. She is quite small for a giant; about as tall as a three story building.  

    Favorite Things: Mrs. Silver loves to draw silver lines on the street with her special chalk. One stick of chalk is about as tall as two people. She is a therapist but is too tall for an office so she and her clients meet in the 1 acre field that Mrs. Silver uses for a house (she had to make her own furniture; it isn't really good because it breaks under her weight and then she has to rebuild it and it becomes a circle).  
    One sunny afternoon, Mrs. Silver was drawing her 189,567th silver line outside her house (a 1 acre field) when she heard sniffing. She turned around and saw a little girl crying. Mrs. Silver could not bear to see the poor thing so miserable. She opened her arms wide. Right as she was about to wrap her arms around the girl, she heard somebody scream "OUCH!!" from behind her. She recognized that voice. It was her mailman, Jimmy. In opening her arms, Mrs. Silver had whacked Jimmy! He was lying on the floor, blood streaming out of his nose. Mrs. Silver felt so bad, yet did not know what to do. Then she glanced to her left. Her silver lines! She was going to find her silver lining. 

    "Eh? Never really liked his mustache! Too bushy!" she finally came up with. Pleased with her silver lining, she walked over to her couch and plopped down. Ignoring the fact that it snapped in half under her weight, she took her tiny sketchbook (a series of giant whiteboards) and her silver colored pencil (a pole with 708 silver colored pencils connected onto the end) and began to draw MORE silver lines. 
  • Farnsworth House Good Giant Biographies

    Farnsworth House Good Giant Biographies

    The Good Giant Biographies were created by the 4th grade Farnsworth House.
    Each Giant has a helpful trait or power that is used for good to help others.

    Amber by Mia, Juliette and Baile
    Good Trait: Fighting of different anime creatures

    Description: It's like an anime character from genshin impact

    Favorite Things: wrestling and winning. This relates because she fights and wrestling in like fighting

    Hellie by Darby and Kiera
    Good Trait: Helpful

    Description: Giant cat, very fluffy, grayish and white, walks on two legs 

    Favorite Things: Say hello to people

    Waking up with a big yawn Hellie the giant cat swagged out of her cat bed…

    Raiden Shogun AKA Raiden Makato AKA Ei AKA Baal by Mia
    Good Trait: leadership

    Description: long purple hair in a braid a purple kimono from japan (anime character)

    Favorite Things: she fights anything in her path

    Sangonomiya Kokomi the Divine Priestess of Watasumi Island
    by Juliette, Mia, Baile 
    Good Trait: kind/caring

    Description: she's a fish, she has gills, grown up, cute, blue, pink, peach hair, long hair, bow like blue dress, fins on tights. 

    Favorite Things: Art of war, is good at strategizing, and has keen insights into military affairs. She is also adept at handling domestic affairs, diplomacy, and other matters.

    Bob by Viaan and Xander
    Good Trait: helpfulness

    Description: boy, tall, short hair brown hair, medium size hands, medium size feet, blue eyes

    Favorite Things: likes to help people hold bags,  hold doors, and help them if something is really challenging

    James by Viaan and Xander
    Good Trait: honesty

    Description: boy, tall, short hair brown, medium hands, brown eyes and small feet 

    Favorite Things: help people 

    Mr. Flame by CC, Jonah, and Lincoln
    Good Trait: fire

    Description: 3 heads, 1 eye, 4 claws each hand, red sharp spiky hair, orange skin no teeth, light blue mouth

    Favorite Things: he breathes fire to help: cook, light, heat, warmth, and destroy necessary items

    Olivia by Ellie
    Good Trait: optimist

    Description: human size, long hair

    Favorite Things: Olivia is a problem solver. When people need help she is always there to help them. She likes to say "No matter when or where there is always a good thing". Olivia's favorite hobby is drawing. her favorite thing to draw are flowers.

    Nova by Victoria
    Good Trait: Calm

    Description: light blue skin, wavy dark blue hair,  brown eyes, small for a giant, striped horns

    Favorite Things: Therapist, calms people down when their are stressed
    Nova works as a therapist in the town. She is very popular and known for having a soothing voice and a calm personality. Every once a week, she goes to meditation classes.

    Willow by Stella
    Good Trait: warmth / cuteness

    Description: puppy, white fur, very cute, in a pink dress with polka dots, rose gold collar

    Favorite Things: she loves to make people in hospitals happy and warms their day with her cuteness

    Kevisdo, Protector Of Life by Oliver
    Good Trait: Healer

    Description: Dragon, Iris in color (Iris is a shade of purple), glowing magenta ridge on back, expert healer (wizard), thousands of years old, 300 feet tall, whitish pinkish robe, breaths healing mist, glowing eyes, unbreakable scales, large horns

    Favorite Things: healing people pleases it, daredevil, eats fruit, lives in cave inside Manaslu (tall mountain)

    Totar by Douglas and CC
    Good Trait: Ice / Control nature

    Description: Huge

    Favorite Things: Building buildings

    Spicy Nugget by Liam and Jack
    Good Trait: Protects forests

    Description: 6 heads and 8 legs

    Favorite Things: 

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