The NLTL Faculty Collaborative is a professional growth program in educational technology.

This popular program instructs teachers on ways to manage powerful educational software and tools – in close partnership with NLTL experts – and allows time for creative and collaborative work with colleagues. Each faculty member who completes this workshop receives his or her digital device. This type of access and education allows faculty to reshape Dalton’s pedagogy and furthers our mission to provide an innovative, progressive education. Through this program of ownership and professional growth, teachers become better equipped to use technology for curriculum integration and personal productivity.

This program begins with summer professional growth workshops and continues with several meetings throughout the school year for follow-up professional growth labs.

Comments from the Faculty

"I've learned to take risks, solve problems, and become more independent to try various approaches to access and utilize the vast array of information and programs available."

"You are true educators. You met each of us at our own level of competence and guided us to new plateaus with great understanding and PATIENCE."

"I enjoyed breaking the large group into smaller sections, matching skill, divisions, software etc."

"I think this was a community building experience for everyone. Working with other teachers from other divisions, learning a range of potentially useful software, all in a relaxed and friendly environment (complete with refreshments) was quite perfect."

"Ownership of a computer immediately changes one's relationship to technology and allows one more of an involvement on all levels."

"The technology workshop gave me a two-week period to intensely focus on using the new technologies and integrating these into my work as an art teacher at Dalton. The New Lab staff was incredibly supportive and prepared." 

"I am optimistic that being able to practice at home and knowing that I can come to The New Lab for additional support will encourage greater integration."

"It was nice having colleagues present some of the programs."

"Most beneficial was the open time we had to work on projects or just "tinker" with the different programs to achieve a comfort level."

"The way the days were structured was very efficient." 

"I enjoyed the librarians' presentation about library resources that I knew very little about."
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